Apps UK ?

I'm looking for a 'Symptoms record App' specifically tailored for UK users ? There are plenty out there but the ones I've found are tailored more towards US healthcare system.

The link below relates to UK health care app developers and NHS collaboration i.e. standardisation/ approval etc and it appears there's quite a lot of work still to be done ( But positive all the same )

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  • There is

    Treatment Planner by Daniel Peeters

    The best overall is Focus on Lymphoma... but its U.S. and the CLL stuff is marginal...

    Focus On Lymphoma by Lymphoma Research Foundation



  • Thank You ! Will take a look - There's just too much out there and you end up downloading stuff to only realise it's totally inappropriate for your 'condition' ! Love reading about the developments in healthcare tech ! Hopefully 'full integration' is not too far away - Where by at the press of a button your symptoms and 'vitals' can be shared with your key virtual health care worker with whom you have immediate, reassuring access - 24/7 ! No more waiting rooms no more waiting !

    Hope you feel a bit better soon by the way .. 😔

  • I have access to my doctors through iMessaging at any time, or failing that a hemetologist or oncologist on duty 24/7 ..all my labs are online just a tap away.

    My treatments and appoints are integrated with my calendar across a couple of devices, and I get notifications to take my meds.

    Not hard to setup.. or maintain... I'm about 90% integrated

    Still lots of waiting rooms and IV chairs... I tried virtual treatment but it virtually didn't work... 📡📡📡


  • Ha LOL ! Sounds like you're pretty well integrated Chris .. We're in big catch up it seems particularly around our Docs ! Liking the 'Lymphoma App' by the way - Easy navigation, nice clear interface 👍

  • This app "Focus On Lymphoma", is IOS only - so Apple, Not Android or WIndows (might save someone else clicking on the link :-))

  • Here is the Android link... i

  • OUH and several others in the UK are using the PKB (Patients Know Best) which might be worth asking about. It is still early days, but suggest ask about this if you are interested in the development. Some trusts I think allow you to access your blood test results. Anybody out there done that yet ?


  • Joined Patients know best in Oxfordshire, buts still pretty one dimensional (just blood records). Would have liked to see historical data uploaded but dont expect it to happpen. I would like a joined up approach from our GPs data with the hospital data appearing on PKB. I will enquire on my next 6 monthly and discuss with Leukaemia care on my next visit. Very interesting to know the progress on integration across the pond. Lets hope we get to see it in the UK sooner rather than later.

    Onwards and upwards


  • Sorry, one day I'll figure out why my tablet won't give me a keyboard any time soon to edit posts. I should have said PKB is a web based system ( not sure if there is an installable App).

  • Thanks Ernie - Sounds like good news - Will check out !

  • I am due a 6 monthly check next week and so I sent a record of my current physical state to my OUH contacts via PKB. I assume this then becomes a record of my continuing health on PKB. However I note there are no records as yet on PKB via the health tab. Hopefully I/We will get the opportunity to discuss the future of PKB record keeping next week. PKB records could be very useful if some resource is targetted at it.



  • I am currently working on a Complete Blood Count Tracker App and I am open to discuss a Symptoms Tracker App as well. Please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

  • Treatment Planner;

    Are you part of UK programme connected with PKB, or an open source developer doing something for the greater good here and abroad. All my records vary from typed consultancy letters to blood notes during FCR, I would be interested in hand crafting these into PKB if the right tools were available.



  • Hi Mike, I am an open source developer and Social Entrepreneur. Thanks for pointing me to PKB as I wasn't aware of this organisation. After reading what they do, I believe our missions are very much in line and it woud be great if work together. I have contacted them and I am extremely confident I can connect my apps to their system once the functionality becomes available.



  • OUH reply on PKB 2nd March

    Unfortunately we can't add historical data (eg blood results) but they should now be being uploaded.

    Going forward we are asking patients to track their symptoms and complete the consultation document pre clinic appointments so that we can track symptoms better over time.

    Any other information is for the patients to complete, sorry.



  • Hi Treatment Planner;

    Really glad to be of help and hopefully we can move our medical records into patient friendly digital medium.

    Best wishes


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