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Using Emoticons (smileys) to brighten your submissions

Using Emoticons (smileys) to brighten your submissions

This site supports a limited range of emoticons - perhaps better known as smileys, which I've worked out via trial and error. There may well be others!

Below is the list of supported emoticons and the text codes needed to generate them. (I've left a space between the text characters which you need to remove for the text characters to be successfully replaced by an emoticon.) There are other text codes that will also work to produce the emoticons below, but the combinations I've included are the simplest to type in.

Emoticon, Text equivalent, Meaning

:) : ) Smiley or happy face

:D : d (or : D) Laughing, big grin

:( : ( Frown, sad

:'( : ' ( Crying

:o : o Surprise, shock

;) ; ) Wink, smirk

:p : p Tongue sticking out, cheeky/playful, blowing a raspberry

:| : |Straight face, no expression, indecision

:x : x Angry

8-) 8 - ) For when it's nice and sunny

You can also open this post in a separate tab in your browser and just copy and paste the emoticons you want to add to your submissions.

Have fun!


Photo: I was well placed to photograph the occultation of the planet Saturn by our Moon last Monday night. I took the photo in the back yard with just my digital camera and a tripod. This shot was taken just after Saturn had emerged from behind the moon. You can just make out Saturn and its rings in the lower left corner of the image. The light from the moon took around 1.5 seconds to reach my camera and from Saturn and its rings... about 90 minutes!

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Just seeing if HU supports the Unicode Consortium... graphics... it doesn't :x

More Than 250 New Emoji, Including a Middle Finger, Are Coming Soon!

might send this to them...


I'll settle for a tag/search system that works first, second, third..... :'(


I agree...


ωδρας μλξδρθ

Just seeing if it supports any Unicode keyboards... it appears to...


Smilies are back!  :o Those that missed using them :'( can now again include them 8-) to help establish the tone of their posts - or just have fun with them! :d :d :d

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So glad to hear that. :-)   :-)  


I'm clearly a miserable old goat because I find excessive use of them irritating. They are brilliant used to convey an emotion but can be distracting when they litter a post simply for colourful effect. However I seem to be in a minority with that opinion.



I don't know...Unicode and HU fully supports Emojis on most platforms...this is like so 1990s.

I suppose there are people running older systems that would find these useful... 🤔

Thankfully there are no dancing 🍌🍌


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