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Health Check: four key ways to improve your brain health


Many of us struggle with brain fog related to CLL fatigue, so anything that helps our brains work better has to help. Anthony Hannan, Head of Neural Plasticity at The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Melbourne, Australia, provides a distillation of some of the current evidence supporting beneficial lifestyle factors into four pillars of brain health:

What do you do to keep your brain healthy?


Photo: Not so much brain as brawn power shown here, with entries in a ride on lawn mower competition. You probably only need to cut your lawn once a year with these souped up lawnmowers!

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CllcanadaTop Poster CURE Hero

I play Scrabble everyday... but I can't remember where I put the game... ;-) What is the engine on the Allison V12?

buckinhard in reply to Cllcanada

I think you left it at my house !

Hay Chris !

Hay Neil ! I'm glad to be back on the site. My last 2 months or so were difficult and many things were dropped from my routine, not because I wanted it to be this way.

I didn't realize we could have brain fog, I thought I was losing my capabilities due to not in the working place w the public, getting older, and talking to my animals. I'm happy to hear it's related to fatigue and CLL. I do brain games online, switch my watch to a different arm, dismount from the right (wrong) side of the horse etc. and read technical literature to keep my brain fresh in my educational field. I like the red 4 wheeled gizmos in the left of the pic. I'm soon to start the clinical trial for GA 101 / ABT 199 at UCSD. Just confirmed this last Friday. Need to have a ton of blood work done and CT scans from neck, chest, abdomen to pelvis, no bone marrow till finished. Will also get leukophorisis (sp) done. Start date for 1st infusion will be last week of Jan. or 1st week of Feb.(most likely).

What do you do to keep your brain active and healthy?


CllcanadaTop Poster CURE Hero

Great news! Keep Buckin' Hard!


Hi Denise, good to see you back. You've been missed. Hope that trial works for you - it is one I wouldn't mind being on.

I found brain fog/fatigue one of the more frustrating symptoms of CLL. I found things I could do easily took hours to do and multiple attempts. I'd forget long used passwords totally.

What do I do? Well apart from extensively reading and selecting out hopefully articles of interest and writing them up for this community, I've rediscovered my joy of photography, I've dabbled in some computer programming, including some microcontroller projects, I've joined a chess site and try to work out the challenges daily and like you I've tried to use my less dominant side more. I've also explored my environment and with a new friend Jay, we've identified the flora and fauna around where I'm living. The incidental exercise has really helped. Yesterday, I went for a walk (with occasional rests) of about 5km, exploring new ground. Watch out for photos later.

Nature is amazing and beautiful if you have the time to experience it and investigate it.


CllcanadaTop Poster CURE Hero in reply to AussieNeil

Sounds vaguely familiar Neil ;-) I could not agree more...

When I was first diagnosed in the last century this quote seemed appropriate...

Now this is not the end.

It is not even the beginning of the end.

But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

Winston Churchill

I recite this daily...and move on....


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