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Got a question about test results for Susan Le Clair?

Got a question about test results for Susan Le Clair?

Regular readers won't need an introduction to either Andrew Schorr of Patient Power or Dr Susan Le Clair, who has provided much to the CLL community on understanding your blood test results.

For Dr Le Clair's earlier video coverage, see:

This previous post is fundamental for those following their blood test results:

Andrew Schorr has recently asked members of the CLL ACOR list to submit questions to Dr Le Clair in preparation for a new series of videos andIi'm sure he won't mind me repeating it here:

From: Andrew Schorr

Dear CLL friends,

For as long as I've been on this list Susan Le Clair has been there for us to explain blood test and results. She is saint. Truly. I am excited to tell you will are kicking off a new regular series of videos with Susan where you can send in questions to her. Obviously she can't do a video on YOUR specific test result but she can explain what's meaningful for all of us and not just CLL but many blood related cancers. So take a shot, and send your questions for Susan to:

Best Wishes,

Andrew Schorr dx'ed 4/96 FCR in 2000 still in remission.


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