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Do we have enough interest to begin a Photographer's Corner?

Do we have enough interest to begin a Photographer's Corner?

Now that this site is working as it should (am I tempting fate saying that?), we have the opportunity to widen how we share the joy we find in our lives and hopefully lifting the spirits of those that are going through tough times by posting our favourite photographs. This is one feature of the new site that's been underutilised, but I know we have some keen photographers in our community that would be prepared to share their work if we supported it via a specific category.

Is there much interest in adding a Photographer's Corner?

Click on 'Recommend' if you'd like this new category created and feel free to reply on how you feel about this addition (or any other category for that matter).



The accompanying photograph is of a native grevillea flower cluster; great winter rains have given us a blooming magnificent spring. (I've reduced the image to 640x480 which brings the image size down by a factor of 10 to around 200kbytes, so that page loading times shouldn't be too impacted.)

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Great idea, some sub groups for us to discuss hobbies.

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That's great idea to me.

Assume we need to keep the pixels down a bit, in order not to eventually overwhelm the HU servers etc.

I currently use simple PAINT to do that, now in WIN7 ("resize" option under "home"), but perhaps you can give us some optimal instructions/ guidance.

Will be great to enjoy another Australian spring from the other side of the planet (~ 13 years I think since I was in Sidney around November time)

Hope this should keep summer rolling all year round - that should do the trick




I love the idea. We can share photos of the beauty we see around us, or photos that help communicate things on our hearts. (That may not always be "beautiful"). Or photos of places we've been in the past, that we have happy memories of. Photos that tell a story. Photos of ourselves as children?? Or some of the photos we've taken that we're most proud of (just to show off)!! All sorts of ideas go round my head, but really it's whatever people would like to share.

Maybe people could share favourite poems as well, or quotes?

And, as Pitbull suggests, maybe some sub-groups to discuss hobbies



Great idea - have a few that could be worth sharing.


Count me in also



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