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Six foods that increase or decrease your risk of cancer

Six foods that increase or decrease your risk of cancer

Tim Crowe, Associate Professor in Nutrition at Deakin University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, reviews what we know about the influence of diet on cancer risk, based on a review of six new nutrition cancer prevention guidelines published today in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition:

"Cancer is a big killer of Australians, and is responsible for 30% of all deaths each year. The “big five” in order of incidence are prostate, bowel, breast, melanoma and lung cancer. Our love of the sun and smoking mostly explain the last two, but it is food, exercise and other lifestyle choices that explain much of a person’s risk of cancer."

He summarises the findings as:

"The core of the guidelines though have changed little and can be summed up in single sentence. Eat mostly plant foods close to their natural state, keep active, drink responsibly, stay safe in the sun, and don’t smoke."

Worth bearing in mind considering our increased risk of some secondary cancers with CLL.


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Thanks did I know the answers before reading? :-)

For UK viewers or anyone who can access it, there seems to be an interesting tv programme on Channel 4 tonight exploring the different diets across the world and their effects on health. Fascinating to see the weekly food intake laid out and nutritionally compared from different countries and the dependence on western cultures on processed foods and saturated fats.



Raw foods and lightly steamed, some chocolate and the occasional ice cream is what we eat at home. Hubbs still eats meat in a restaurant, a habit he's been nurtured with since childhood in the various countries he's lived. Beef eaters reportedly have the highest instance of colon ca, vegetarians and vegans the least. Just a word on pesticides and other toxic substances. I never can remember so many horses dying from cancer in just the last few years, doesn't matter if they are race horses or not although from recall many race horses had cancer early, 3-5 years. Bad teeth and cancer in dogs and cats too. The FDA allows a certain amount of sodium pentobarbital, euthanasia solution, in dog and cat food. What is the source of this drug in the food, euthanized shelter pets and family pets ? Little is sacred now a days.


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