10+3 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Cancer Risk

10+3 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Alessandro Demaio, Fellow in Global Health & Non Communicable Diseases at Harvard University notes that "Today is World Cancer Day and to raise awareness around cancer, the World Cancer Research Fund International has released a short video outlining some simple ways to reduce your cancer risk.

Based on up-to-date evidence, their advice is pretty simple.":


Regular readers might notice a similar message to that often espoused by regular contributors to our community :) .


PS The comments are also worth reading. Good to see the call to donate blood given over 35% of blood donations goes to cancer patients.


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6 Replies

  • Thanks for the link, we are actively trying to lead a healthier life now for sure. Will also donate blood as soon as we can again... They told us only once every 3 months, does that sound right?

  • CLL is a 'cancer of the blood', correct me if I'm wrong but I doubt our blood would be taken?

    I'm intreagued about the dont bother with superfoods as well. I think avacardos and broccoli are viewed as superfoods, two of my favourite veg. Is it saying dont eat superfoods or dont waste time on trying to find them bevause any fresh veg is good?

    I leke the article in general.


  • I was told that withh CLL I could definitely not give blood

  • If you have CLL, then the only parts of your body acceptable for donation are your corneas (no blood supply). Carers like marcelarr can of course give blood and we can all encourage our friends and contacts to help us by donating! Three months is what it used to be for full blood donations - I doubt it has changed. Other donation types can be done more often. (Obviously you need to allow your body to replenish the blood and not deplete your iron stores, causing anaemia, but that's one of the things they check prior to accepting your donation.)


  • Yes Rob, I don't think the articles's comment of "don't bother with superfoods" was the best way of expressing it. I'm sure they didn't mean we shouldn't eat so-called superfoods - just that we don't need to go overboard to look for those things (eg expensive blueberries), when lots of other fruits and veg are just as good.

    I was surprised they didn't put "stop smoking" and "cover up in the sun" in their Top ten points. These were mentioned in their next section, but I'd thought that avoiding smoking and sunshine would be near the top of the list, re ways of reducing cancer risk.

    I mustn't get pernickity about this though - I still appreciated the article :-)


  • And in related news, just in from the Cancer Network - does adherence to the American Cancer Society’s cancer prevention guidelines reduce the risk of cancer? Here's an interview with Geoffrey Kabat, PhD, MS, a cancer epidemiologist at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, New York. Dr. Kabat and colleagues are the authors of a recent study (of over 500,000 participants followed for over 10 years) in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that examined adherence to the American Cancer Society’s cancer prevention guidelines in relation to risk of cancer, cancer mortality, and total mortality.

    Podcast with transcript:


    While the study only looked at solid cancers, given that we have a higher risk of developing these, the study is likely relevant to us.


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