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Billboard/Hoarding in Downtown Chicago Advertising Ibrutinib

Billboard/Hoarding in Downtown Chicago Advertising Ibrutinib

Here's an interesting sight I saw a few days ago a block away from Michigan Avenue ("the Magnificent Mile") in Chicago. I was in Chicago this weekend to visit family, and the ASCO Conference was also there and had essentially taken over the city (there were no hotel rooms available under US$500 a night). Anyway, look at this billboard (although the Brits call this a hoarding I think) I spotted while walking through the city at night: an advertisement (advert) of Ibrutinib. And it probably cost a lot of money to put the billboard there since it was situated on a well-traveled street off of Michigan Avenue. Cancer treatments must be a very rewarding business to afford such extensive advertising (though with their talent in developing such a good biologic, the developers of Ibrutinib deserve to get good compensation).

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$91 a cap for a product made in China for what... ???

I think they could afford a few million billboards... just guessing.... ;-)


$91 a cap ....

Don't they realize that there is a worldwide network that will soon undercut them ....

" Hey Gramps .... what are you doing here ? "

" I'm waiting for my man ... "

" ... I got stuff .... Cannabis ? .. marijuana ? .. E .. Ice ... Temazepam ... Coke ... Crack ... Speed ? ... you name it we got it " ...

" ........... Ibrutinib "

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