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Ibrutinib and a rash

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I am my aunt's caretaker. She has atypical CLL. They started her own ibrutinib and she developed a serious rash. They took her off it and they are starting her again 2 weeks later. Has anybody else had this type of situation? Any success stories? She is also on allopurinol to help to prevent tumor lysis.

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How old is your aunt. Rash especially petechia rash is fairly common. I got a super rash all over my body. It mostly dissapeared after a few weeks

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She is going to be 80 in a few months. She said the itching was awful and they're concerned about putting her back on it again. I worry if ibrutinib doesn't work. My father died 20 years ago from CLL after FCR failed. He was her brother.

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I just want to welcome you to the community....you have come to the right place as this is a very caring, loving, supportive and have some very intelligent community and I am sure they will be giving you some answers. I have only been on Imbruvica 420 since January of this year. Very few issues at this time....I love It. I have had CLL for 30+ years and been on Keukeran off and on for 27 years. Hope they are able to get your Aunt settled into the program! All the best. 😍🙏☘️💕

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Thank you so much. It makes me so happy that you are doing well. Please continue to have such success.

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I too started Imbruvica January 10th. was at 465000 WBCwhen Now down to 167000. Hope it continues. I also had a Prevnar 13 shot the same day i started Imbruvica. 10 days later at incubation time of shot-massive rash all over. I had rash,petechia,hives and just about every other kind of rash over 90 percent of my body. Medrol doepak and zyrtec seemed to counter most of it. I still have some petechia but they ar getting lighter

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Are you still taking ibrutinib with the steroids and the Zyrtec?

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no to steroids. yes to zyrtec because i already had allergies -and still do

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I'm so glad you seem to be doing better. I will keep you in my thoughts.

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Hi Marisa,

If they determine that you aunt can't continue on IB there is an alternative called Acalabrutinib. It's a BTK inhibitor just like IB. It seems to have fewer skin and cardiac side effects.

Also, I found ice packs helped even more than Benadryl for the itching from IB. (Bags for frozen veggies make great ice packs.)

Good luck,


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I started on a trial of Ibrutinib and venetoclax about a year ago. They started me on Ibrutinib only for first period and after the first week I had pretty bad rash on my arms. I was taken off the pills put on benedryl for a week which curbed the rash issue and back on Ibrutinib. Not sure why but rash did not come back. A year in with both pills I am now again getting a mild rash and using cortisone cream to make it go away. Wish your aunt well!

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Thank you and I wish you well too...

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I tried several lotions on the Imbruvica rash on my face. Although it did not remedy it - Aveeno Baby Lotion - seems to function best.

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Thank you so much I will pass it on to my aunt..

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Hello Marisa50...I have been on Imbruvica (Ibrutinib) for 11 months beginning in April of last year. I had a false start as after taking it for two weeks I developed a horrible rash and was also taking Allopurinol at the same time. I was taken off both drugs and given prednisone for two weeks to clear the rash, then went back on Imbruvica at 280 mg plus the prednisone. I did this for about a month. I asked my specialist then if I could go back to full dose of 420 mg without the prednisone and she said yes. I have been successful since then. I understand rash with Imbruvica is common. I also understand Allopurinol can cause rash. So which one caused it is an unknown. Hope she is getting better. My best. Carole

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Thank you. She has been on allopurinol before so it is definitely ibrutinib. She started again today so we'll see if she has better success this time...

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I also developed a rash all over my legs and feet. I am crippled with arthritis and edema. Hoping they will suggest something. These are the side effects and others on this forum have experienced them. Hope she feels better and get it resolved.

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Marisa50 in reply to country76

Thank you I hope you feel better too.

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