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Scientists find killer chemical for virus behind SARS and MERS


"A team of European researchers has identified a novel compound that stops coronaviruses from replicating. The study, published in PLOS Pathogens today, also pinpoints the juncture in the virus' life cycle when the compound works, suggesting vulnerable stages in virus replication that might be attacked by different antiviral compounds."



"Currently, there’s no specific antiviral treatment that’s effective against coronaviruses."

Note that the authors of the article emphasise their discovery.... "is only the very first step towards an approved drug for therapeutic use in animals or humans."

The above article provides a short history of coronaviruses with specific reference to SARS and MERS, which kill about 10% and 30% of their victims respectively and explains how these diseases spread between people. it seems that the spread of MERS could be stopped by simply hand washing...


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