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Kidney Cancer removed with CLL in check

I just had surgery to remove a tumour in my kidney.

The medical staff at the Manor Hospital in Oxford, repeatedly alerted by me to my CLL (see my other post on CLL & Kidney Cancer), were on the job keeping track of bloods and responding with antibiotics as required.

While there were complications due to fighting a chest infection (quite common for CLL patients it seems) I was out of hospital after a week.

My blood count charts make dramatic reading as they swing up and down but here I am, back with you.

I am now awaiting histology results to hear whether surgery did the trick.

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Welcome back Lapo and best wishes for a good outcome.

I'm sure the 'sine wave' that are your blood counts will level out soon.



Good to hear you are out of hospital and pleased you are able to update us all.

I'll join Mikey in wishing you the best of outcomes and some stable good blood levels.



Hi Lapo. I have CLL and have had a kidney removed due to transitional cell carcinoma. I had a nephroureterectomy in 2010. Hope you're feeling ok and that the bloods stabilise. Take care. Gary


Glad to hear there were no major complications for you during surgery and look forward to reading a positive outcome of surgery in due course.


Hi Best wishes hope you're well.


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