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Handle Potting Mix without adequate precautions and risk Pneumonia

Handle Potting Mix without adequate precautions and risk Pneumonia

Locally there's been a surge in legionella cases, which has resulted in a warning on the dangers of handling potting mix, compost, etc in the local press. It may not be relevant to those of you now experiencing winter, but do keep this in mind if you do any gardening. With our compromised immunity, we need to be extra cautious when doing any garden work...

From the article:

"If you are handling garden mixes, such as potting mix, mulches, composts or other garden mixtures, there are a number of things you can do to minimise your exposure to the Legionella bacteria.

They include:

- READ the warning labels on bagged mixes and follow the instructions

- WEAR a face mask and gloves to reduce your risk of infection

- OPEN bagged mixes in a well-ventilated space

- AVOID inhaling airborne particles such as dusts or mists

- AVOID hand-to-mouth contact

- MOISTEN the garden mix to avoid inhaling airborne particles

- ALWAYS wash your hands after using garden mixes, even if you wear gloves"


I've recently divided up some garden plants and tried to strike some cuttings. Hopefully they will survive our first heat wave for this summer given some shade cloth and extra watering. Today we've had our third hottest December day on record - 43.4C or 110F. A fraction of a degree more and we would have exceeded the all time December record of 44.2C.

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Neil wrote. ' December day on record - 43.1C or 110F '

Almost all of Europe today, and for the next few days, is WET and STORMY..

France, Germany and Switzerland it rains hard and the UK took a pasting from the storms last night.

So Neil can you send just a little bit of sunshine..??



I'm happy to swap our excess of sunshine for some cool, wet air. I'll pass on the stormy - we've had enough for the moment!


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