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Blood donations save our lives


Ever been stuck for what to say when someone finds out you have CLL and asks what they can do? Why not ask them to consider becoming a blood donor? The Australian Red Cross Blood Service has just launched a Blood Blitz call for additional donors to make up the expected national shortfall of 13,000 donations anticipated between Christmas and New Year. While most people think that road trauma victims are the major recipients of blood donations, it is actually cancer patients!

This time of the year is when Australians typically take annual leave, "Yet the need for blood never stops, with one product vital to cancer treatment - platelets - having a shelf-life of just five days, meaning cancer patients need a constant supply throughout the festive season."

Many of us are likely to require blood transfusions to boost our red blood cells, platelets and even our immunity via IVIG transfusions, with the latter requiring a thousand or more transfusions to provide us with one temporary immunity boost. Thankfully for most of us, our need for blood products is limited to helping us through treatment, but some of us rely on the generosity of others to keep us alive. So when that friend or acquaintance tells you that they have become a blood donor, thank them and tell them that they may have just saved your life.


I'd have to call the accompanying photo, "The sands of time". The wind has moved around the plant leaves to create what looks like a clock face.

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Hi Neil

Similar drive happening in the UK too.One of my regrets is I can no longer donate.


AussieNeilAdministrator in reply to Hidden

At least we can feel less guilty if/when we need to make some withdrawals :)

School3 in reply to AussieNeil

I recently have needed blood transfusions because of AIHA - it has led to my daughter becoming a blood donor & go on the register for bone marrow cells. she says it is her way of trying to help.

AussieNeilAdministrator in reply to School3

Good on your daughter - particularly for going on the bone marrow register! What a caring gesture.

Quarry in reply to Hidden

We should encourage!

Side benefit for donors is that there is a check on your blood, so you will pick up any problems earlier than otherwise/even when you did not know you had a was the donation service that spotted my low Haemoglobin........that eventually led to the CLL/AIHA diagnosis.......

AussieNeilAdministrator in reply to Quarry

Excellent point Andy, particularly for those in our society that are likely to be affected by anaemia (mainly women of child bearing age) and even more so for those on a red meat free diet!

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