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Slowly new research is working to understand CLL

Good new research.

More and more the heterogeneous nature of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia is being explored at the genomic level. Whole genome and exome sequencing is teasing apart the reasons for this heterogeneity with the Spanish group publishing a new paper.

The Spanish researchers used transcriptome sequencing to uncover molecular subtypes of chronic lymphocytic leukemiawith notable clinical characteristics — work they describe online in Genome Research. The team did deep RNA sequencing on normal B cell sub-populations and tumor samples from nearly 100 individuals with CLL. The sequences revealed CLL-associated shifts in splicing profiles for some 2,000 genes, along with a slew of transcripts showing differential expression between the tumor and normal B cell samples. Moreover, researchers identified two gene expression clusters that coincided with molecular CLL subgroups that had different time-to-treatment patterns, marking the disease activity and lag before therapeutics intervention is required.

Warning… Complicated stuff. Take a primer on genomic research on Wikipedia before attempting this one.

Abstract at :- genome.cshlp.org/content/ea...

Whole paper PDF at :- genome.cshlp.org/content/ea...


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Thanks Dick for that.

I do need to educate myself more to get up to speed with this stuff (and no excuse now for that in the days of the internet).

I'm also interested in the Spanish research on the Epigenome damage in CLL (unfortunately the stuff a while back on that was too testing for my Spanish - I'll have to work on that - lost my Spanish friends at work a while back)



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