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More on research into Tenovin and treatment of CLL

More on research into Tenovin and treatment of CLL

It is possible to report on further work of the Cardiff CLL research group in partnership with Dundee Cancer Centre about their findings in the development of the home grown Tenovin drug reported on in March.

p53 and cell cycle independent dysregulation of autophagy in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia


The abstract confirms this drug has potential

Abstract conclusion:

These cell cycle and p53-independent anti-leukaemic mechanisms potentially offer novel therapeutic approaches to target leukaemia-sustaining cells in CLL, including in disease with p53-pathway dysfunction. Whether targets in addition to sirtuins contribute to autophagy dysregulation by Tnv-6, requires further investigation.

March community discussion

” Tenovin was found to kill the cancer in Leukaemia patients without affecting the level of a tumour-suppressing protein.

It is thought it could lead to improved treatments in future.

Normally, Tenovin affects cancer cells by increasing levels of the "guardian angel" protein p53 within cells, which plays a crucial role in controlling cell mutations.

However, the team found that when treated with the drug, the CLL cells died but without showing a change in p53 levels.

The scientists then discovered that in leukaemic cells, Tenovin is able to interfere with the process of "self-digestion" that leukaemic cells use to protect themselves during periods of stress.

Further links to that time.

I was aware Southampton University are also working on the Autophagy treatment route, with the support of another UK charity, Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research who have recently funded a £180k three year project for this leukaemialymphomaresearch.o... But did not know my home town centre of excellence at Cardiff was involved with further work on Tenovin.

Thanks for the heads up Chris and another chance to fly the Welsh flag to add another to the Scottish Celtic story of this drugs development another in the tubes to help treat CLL


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It's good to see the Welsh flag flying, Nick. (I meant to say that a week ago, but better late than never).


Many thanks Nick for the reminder on this one.

Hopefully if it can make it through development and into trials then this one might be affordable one day in the UK.

Assume it will need a big drugs company (but hopefully not too big ) involved at some point to turn it into a product ?

Would love to see it being made in South Wales.



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