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Late October - Clinical trial update - B + R and Idelalisib - CAL 101


Well three days in the Day Care centre last week - first for IVIG and then the fourth round of two day chemo infusions. Both went reasonably well, with the minor frustrations of "red tape & paperwork".

Although I was able to drive home after all three visits, I have felt lathargic over the weekend, but by Monday morning, after a good night's sleep - I'm out and about.

Perhaps this tiredness shows that the B + R and other drugs are cumulative!

Unfortunately not much else to report - so a couple of weeks before I see my Consultant and review the blood test results.

Best regards to everyone out there!


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Good luck and best wishes


I may be following close behind you soon with B+R treatment looming, so it's good to hear you were well enough to drive home. Please keep these updates coming, thanks.


Great news


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