Dr Rick Furman interviewed at IWCLL by Patient Power

Dr Rick Furman interviewed at IWCLL by Patient Power

Another up beat interview from IWCLL that I found particularly interesting. Again, most of us will need to remain patient for many years before the future portrayed by Dr Furman hopefully becomes our reality...

"Dr. Richard Furman, a leading CLL clinician and researcher at Weill-Cornell Medical College, attended the International Workshop on CLL in Germany and came away with a firm resolve not to prescribe chemotherapy regimens for his patients. With new medicines nearing expected FDA approval, Dr. Furman explains how a leading treatment candidate, ibrutinib, works. He also discusses whether there is concern that some patients may develop resistance to the drug and its effectiveness."



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  • Thanks Nick. Light at the end of the tunnel, good to have an upbeat video.

  • Hi this video access to world experts is what the internet is all about. Best wishes

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