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Your opportunity to explore the experiences of our community - Poll suggestions please!

Your opportunity to explore the experiences of our community - Poll suggestions please!

One of the popular features of this community has been the polling section, where we've been able to share our experiences of living with SLL/CLL. I've been very impressed at how quickly past polls were completed by a significant proportion of our community. I've personally found them instructive in showing how diverse our membership is and hopefully reassuring to new members, when they see how many of us have been able to defer treatment and stay in watch and wait mode.

The HU Team now have polling and email notifications reinstated, so we're looking for suggestions on what you'd like to explore about your community's experience of living with SLL/CLL. The HU Team aren't going to implement the previous feature by which you could submit poll suggestions, so either reply with your suggestions to this post or by a PM to Nick and me.

The polling feature allows up to 8 questions and the poll can be set to accept single or multiple answers. You are welcome to suggest the questions as well as the topic, but that's not required.

All the past polls are still available for your perusal - check them out at:


(Click on the Browse all button to see them)

Finally, what do you think about the poll facility? Have you found past polls useful to you?



PS An earlier version of this was posted as Calling all Pollsters when email alerts were down and there were no responses.

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Polls very simple which is an advantage and a disadvantage but they are useful partly in raising awareness and hopefully of value to medics too


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