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Sun phobia behind Vitamin D deficiency

Sun phobia behind Vitamin D deficiency

This winter, I've noticed some back-pedalling in the usual sun safe messages we get in the media. Coincidentally, an interesting piece (below) has just been published regarding the growing number of Australians with low levels of Vitamin D and what we should be doing about it. As in all things, we need to a achieve balance.

"Vitamin D is important for maintaining calcium and phosphate levels for bone formation, and allowing proper functioning of parathyroid hormone. Low levels of this hormone can produce fatigue, muscle pain and weakness, weight gain, poor sleep and concentration and bone diseases.

Low vitamin D levels have been implicated in forms of cancer, high-blood pressure and autoimmune disease, such as multiple sclerosis."


PS Is that you Nick in the pic?

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Certainly getting the balance right is important. With the poor cold/grey weather for the last year in the uk even if you had the energy to get out and about not sure how much vit d your body would be generating. Have been soaking up the recent sun - it just makes you feel so much better - mind and body - and have the heavy duty sun block is never far away!

I asked to have my vit d checked earlier in the year and it was found to be half the recommended lower limit. I have felt much more energetic singe I have been on supplements. Another friend with cll had here vit d levels checked and was found to be 1/10 of the recommended level and again supplements have helped a lot.


Low levels of VitD3 has been shown to impact CLL at diagnosis...

The Mayo clinic recently launched a massive clinic trial to see what effect VITD3 levels have on cancers. CLL and SLL is playing a major role in this 3 year study.


Too much sun phobia in my opinion...We even see the return of rickets disease in England.

Kids don't get out to play in the fresh air, they watch videos.

Adults also stay inside watching sport on TV.

The result being an epidemic of low Vit D levels.

The skin cancer scare has much to answer for..



Here's another 'The Conversation' article on sun safety and how much sun you need to produce sufficient vitamin D. Note that while much of the information is specific to Australian conditions, there is still much relevant content that should be of general interest, including information concerning several myths related to sun tans and actual figures on the benefits of using sunscreen and other sun safe behaviours.

Monday’s medical myth: we’re not getting enough sun:



Good to see the pendulum swing the other way a bit.

The suncream and hats brigade were a little too vociferous.

As always, getting the balance right is what we need.


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