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Do antibiotics help joint pains?

Four weeks ago I had a tooth out, and was given the antibiotic Amoxi Clav, (because of my CLL). To my great surprise, by the end of the five day course, the rumbling lower back pain and slight hip pain/stiffness that I've had for years, was markedly better - in fact it's hardly there any more. I'd been told that my back and hip pain was due to degenerative changes in the joints - a sort of wear and tear, so I wasn't expecting any improvements there.

Has anyone else had experience of this? I'm also wondering if it was removal of the bad tooth that caused the improvement, and not the antibiotics.

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See this article:

My rhumatologist say that effect is well known since the time of his schooling: antibiotics are also anti-inflammatory...

I am skeptical of my rhumatologist

Yves747, one year CLL


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