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Joint aches and pains

Now, after several months of varying discomfort, I must say that the joints aches and pains are getting to me.

I wake in the morning and my toes and fingers are like claws. For up to two hours I am unable to bend them or straighten them fully. Some days ankles and wrists are like someone beat them. Elbows and knees give some discomfort but nothing compared to the rest. It's a little strange because the pain or discomfort always matches on both sides of the body. Some nights it is a struggle to get out of the bedroom as I cannot grasp the door handle firmly enough.

Is this one of those CLL side effects.

On a brighter note, while some may question my timing, they have almost finished fitting our double glazing. It has been a little bitter without windows during the days but it is so much warmer in the evenings.

Best wishes to all


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Mike, as a matter of interest, do you have any prior history of arthritis? I know you're a keen cyclist so pretty fit but is this a relatively new problem and do you joints show any signs of damage? Have you had X-Rays done?

I ask because I have pretty bad joint pains but had a history of O/A before diagnosis. It never ceases to surprise me how many people with CLL report joint pain generally. My shoulders are particularly bad now.

I'm not clever enough to know the answer as to whether there's an identifiable link between joint pain and CLL and I don't know if my pre-existing condition is aggravated by it but I'd be interested in hear other people's experience.

Any scientific studies on this link that people are aware of?

Glad you got your double glazed windows in though Mike, that can't have helped in this weather!


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This is a really interesting subject. I had migrating joint pains which could occur anywhere, until this winter I started a weekly course of immunoglobulin and the pains have disappeared completely. Sometimes the pains were so debilitating that i had trouble doing normal everyday things.


Cramping is fairly common in CLL, but not bilaterially like you mention. When was the last time you had your blood calcium levels checked?

I have very severe cramping of my hands and feet on prednisone, but again not bilaterally.

This is something you should pursue with your doctor as soon as possible, IMHO



I have SLL but have also suffered from Polymyalgia Rheumatica since 2000. The PMR gives me all the symptoms you mention. I tyhink it is east to attribute everything to the one disease when sometimes it is a combination of maybe several. You should talk to your GP who can have a simple blood test done to diagnose PMR. If not, consider your thyroid, and again a blood test will show whether this is involved (I have Hypothyroidism too). Hope this helps in some small way and I hope you get to the bottom of it. Pain is very debilitating. x


Sorry that you're still suffering with these joint pains. Just to throw something else into the mix- I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and bilateral joint pain is a classic symptom, as is pain first thing in the morning. You could ask for bloods to check for the 'Rheumatoid Factor'- although it doesn't necessarily show up. Also you can ask for your 'ESR' level to be checked- it can show inflammatory activity.

I also get cramp in various muscles too, including my hands, like Chris but I do get this bilaterally.

I hope you can get this sorted, as it sounds like it is really getting you down.

Take care

sparkler x

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Thanks for the replies. I'll book up with the GP and see if she can shed some light on the matter.

Best wishes,



Hi Mike, I too suffer joint and bone pain. Anti inflammatories help. I have had a consultation with a specialist I don't have ESR my joints are good from a rheumatiod viewpoint, all this has been checked. I had none of this prior to CLL. I think pain management is the way forward, don't just put up with it. You're not alone. Best Wishes.


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