Shoulder and hip pain

Hi all, I don't think this is any way related to my CLL but would just like some thoughts or experiences from you all if possible. I had a normal night on Wednesday, went up to bed, did the usual pre bed know...I hadn't done anything to make me think I had hurt myself in any way, I got into bed and my right hip started to hurt really badly, like a pulled muscle or something, I eventually got comfortable then woke about an hour later with my left shoulder extremely painful, again like a pulled ligament or something. I had fits of sleep throughout the night, in the morning I could hardly move my left arm as the pain from my shoulder was so bad and tender to touch on my clavicle. My hip also hurt and sitting was uncomfortable. I cancelled my trip with work which involved a long drive and managed to get to see my Dr. He was a bit stumped, gave me anti inflammatory tabs and pain killers. He had blood taken to see if there was anything systemic causing the pain in different places. My hip has cleared now, the shoulder still a bit painful but much better. Any thoughts please? Ta very muchly.

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  • Hi Andy,

    Sounds like your doctor was quite thorough in checking for any systemic cause of the pain which presumably included checking your kidney function. It could be a functional problem causing by your back (something I understand only too well) because the lower back and sacroiliac joints are some of the most common areas of the body that, when injured, may cause pain that is referred to the hip or groin. And sometimes it doesn't have to be an 'injury' we are aware of.

    Hope your shoulder feels easier soon. It's one of the most unstable joints in the body apparently and very prone to problems but I'm sure your doctor would refer you if he suspected joint problems. I had an MRI which pin-pointed the cause of my spinal problems.

    Just another haven't recently started statins by any chance because they're notorious in causing these unusual pains? Possibly not because I noticed you mentioned good cholesterol levels in a previous post.

    Sometimes these things plague us and seem to have no origin or reason. I'm sure your doctor will be monitoring any nodal implications which are the really significant reasons we CLL'ers need to watch. And of course be aware and seek advice if any pain radiates down the left arm or into the jaw.



  • Thanks Newdawn, no I'm not on statins. I have a history of back problems, but it has usually been the left side and sciatic, I have a partial left foot drop from my last episode 5 years ago. Funnily enough I have been getting a sharp stabbing pain in my left groin when walking every now and then, but not taken any notice of it really. No raised nodes or anything that I can find.

  • Hi Andygym guess you have most probably had all kind of tests, just wondered if you have had your hips x rayed.

    Hope your pain continues to ease.


  • Hi, sorry for your pain. I probably sound like a broken record because I have posted this so many times for others but please have your vitamin levels checked. My pain came on suddenly and got progressively worse. It was low vitamin D. Forgive me if you have seen this already. I am passionate about it because I suffered so long w/o any doctor testing my levels.

  • I agree with Jilltap, get vitamin levels checked. I had major hip pains that would come and go as well as very painful ribs and shoulders. My vit D level was found to be 17 which is pretty low. After 9 months of vit d supplements and a very conscious effort to get adequate sunlight every day I am up to 38 (3200 iu per day) and the pains have subsided. Take care and hope all goes well.

  • Exact same number as me. Glad to hear it went away. Did you take 50,000 mg once a week, or over the counter lesser dose daily? My accupuncturist, who was the person who told me to get levels checked is concerned that the 50,000 level, my doctor prescribed, is to much for my body to absorb and thinks I should take a lesser dose daily. Not sure now what to do.

  • Not sure how 50,000mg (or should this be micrograms - mcg?) relates to 3,200 iu but as with any supplement there is always a limit to how much a body can absorb in a day. I took 3,200iu per day and also did my very best to get 15-20 minutes of direct sunlight every day between noon and 3:00pm. Moving into winter here in England it will be very challenging to get enough sunlight but I will do what I can. But I will ensure that vit D levels are checked in my regular blood tests every 6 months. If in doubt raise it wth your doctor, don't be afraid to ask questions and challenge the answers if you are not comfortable with them. Good luck.

  • Yes, mcg, not mg. Thanks for the response. Be well.

  • This link converts between mg, mcg and iu. You may find it helpful...

  • Thanks for the all the advice. Interesting re the comments about vit D, I'll look into that. Have to say, since been on Naproxin from Wednesday, both have subsided a lot, almost back to normal now, shoulder still a bit iffy, but not too bad.

  • Vitamin D can be toxic at levels approaching 10,000 IU a day

    Also hypercalcemia can be fatal... so get monitored by your doctors...

    Hypervitaminosis D

  • Have just come across these posts and interested as I have also recently developed severe upper arm, shoulder and neck pains plus general stiffness for no obvious reason. Started Vit D last week and had X Ray which came back normal. Had a chest infection needing antibiotics about 6 weeks ago so wonder if it is a bit of a generalized auto -immune response to that . Waiting to see if the Vit D helps.

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