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Not Glandular Fever


Hi All

I use Healthunlocked for my thyroid issues and found it very helpful. In this case my 13 year old daughter has suffered with tonsillitis on and off and was poorly beginning of June. Since this last attack she has felt exhausted with no other obvious symptoms except for swollen glans. Both times the blood test came back negative for glandular fever but bloods sho Serum Bilirubin level at 30 umol/l (<22.00umol/l).

Also her Haemoglobin Platelet Count 410 (150-400) Total White Cell Count 3.6 (4-11)

Mean Corpusc Neutrophil Count 1.7 (2.00 - 7.50) Lymphocyte Count 1.2 (1.5-4.00)

Any thoughts with the Bilirubin Liver function test?

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My daughter is 12 and suffered with her tonsils over the years. She then had fatigue and weakness. Loads of scans and tests showed nothing particular other than slightly swollen glands. After a year of this, and being told she must be stressed or seeking attention (!) a locum tested her for antibodies to discover she has LKM antibodies, pretty much exclusive to AIH type 2. A liver biopsy confirmed this diagnosis. Ask for an antibody blood test to rule out the auto immune conditions. The symptoms are very subtle and vague and not all doctors have come across kids with AIH or other liver diseases. Good luck! Elle.

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