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Constant High GGTP ( GAMMA GT) and Bilirubin Total (Tbil) - 27 days old baby


Hi there.. Our baby has contant high GGTP and TOtal Bilirubin. Conjugated is 0. All is Unconjugated. I just got multiple consultation from Senior and very senior Paediatric in New Delhi ( India) . We want to rule out obstructive jaundice so switching off breast milk for a week to have Bilirubin go down ( if at all ). Baby goes to MRI - MRCP next week to see any obstruction ( if at all).

Any similar cases here ?? suggestions ?

TIA :)

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Hello, I'm sorry your little one isn't well. Mine was very jaundiced too with elevated LFTs but my son had a high conjugated bilirubin. He wasn't able to break down the fats in breast milk to absorb and gain weight which led to dehydration which worsened his jaundice. He was then commenced on formula (peptijunior) which immediately helped with hydration and lowering his bilirubin levels.

He's now under the care of a gastroenterologist but they suspect he has alagille syndrome. Awaiting genetic testing results.

I'm sorry this is a bit long winded but I just wanted to let you know maybe peptijunior may help your little one too.

Hope all of you are well. It is such a stressful time.

Is your little one feeding well and putting on weight?

Hi Declansmum .. Thank you for your reply.. We are doing exactly the same procedure as above.. We are feeding him Formula milk.. Doctor has advised us 5 days of only formula milk diet to get a blood work done post it..This is to rule out Obstructive Jaundice and it diagnose this as a breast milk Jaundice.

We have realised that he started to get White from pale yellow. And yes, he had gained a bit of weight.. Will keep you updated on the blood work this Monday.



If conjugated is 0, its good to know.


Do you live in the UK? x

hi all .. sorry for late reply.. so after one strict week of formula feed, my child's lft came out a lot lowered.. everything fell down including gamma / ggtp . the conclusion was breast milk Jaundice.. MRI has been ruled out.. next lft is in 3 weeks . now on strict mothers milk back again

I am in India.. Gurgaon

in reply to country_pranav

Hi you can get some information from our website I am afraid we can not provide any further support to families outside the UK but hope you find the information on our website helpful.

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