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will bilirubin level be back to normal after kasai?


my daughter has her kasai at 8 weeks old, now she is 5 months old and her bilirubin is still high 21 mg/dl. does anyone has the same situation with my baby?

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bilirubin go back but in time

What do the doctors say cause My son Is 5 months and his levels never went to normal he left the hospital level on a 9 after the Kasai but they just went up and down and his poop all different colors and also has had 2 infections they already listed him in the transplant list

How is the poop color? I am afraid that sounds like the drainage isn't too good. Is she on Ursodiol and antibiotic? Ursodiol helps bile drainage and antibiotic prevents cholangitis. As scary as liver transplant sounds, many BA babies get their lives back after transplant. Most importantly, always pray.

Hi! my son got operated in brescia italy when he was 3 months old,after operation he’s totally ok until now,The medicine that they prescribe



Myscostatin suspension


Ursodoxycollic acid(Duerasil)

konakion (Viramin k)

It depends with the operation if the surgeon are good,for me In Brescia Italy is one of the best hospital to treat kasai Surgery or liver transplant.

Thomas2 in reply to Meil18

How old he is now?

Meil18 in reply to Thomas2

7 yrs old now,all blood test and ultra sound are all normal.

Thomas2 in reply to Meil18

In last 7yrs how many episodes of cholangitis he had? And till what age he experianced cholangitis?

Thomas2 in reply to Thomas2

And for how many years systemic antibiotics was given as a prophylaxis?

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