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Hello, I need to speak to parents of children with Biliary Atresia about any advice on tooth decay!!

I am very worried about my son's teeth. He is 3yo and the dentist advised to take 5 teeth out due to the decay being already into the root of the teeth. She has identified a few more with decay and little chips(holes). I'm sure there is something in his diet combined with the disease that worsens decay, but I don't know where to start, what to stop. He eats the same as his siblings who don't have any problems. He has quite a balanced diet, only eats sweets at mealtimes, drinks water mainly, brushes teeth twice a day with adult toothpaste. Please help!

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Apparently the teeth can start decaying whilst forming due to the liver disease. My daughter is 7 and ba but we are 4 years post transplant. She is having her first one removed next week. Some children have been known for their teeth to come through rotten as we'll. are u a member of our liver mums facebook page? We are a closed group all with liver children. It wasn't until I posted my teeth fears on there that I found out most of the liver children on there had teeth problems. It might be worth contacting the hospital before u get five teeth removed. My daughter has got to have bloods pre extraction for clotting and then two courses of antibiotics. It might also be worth getting a second opinion. Lilly's baby teeth are falling out at a rate of knots! On facebook just search for liver mums and Tracy magson, who is the administrator will add you.


Thanks Kirsty, I found the group and waiting for Tracey to add me.


Interesting. I have a 4 y/o son (biliary atresia no transplant needed)

After his kasai at kings college we were advised to keep an eye on his teeth and that if he had problems he would be placed under the care of kings college dentistry.

His front teeth show signs if enamel wear but so far so good. Our local dentist isn't concerned. However, he had no knowledge of the effect of liver disease on infant/children's teeth.

Which hospital are you under? Are all his vitamin levels up? What vitamins/meds is he on? My son has abidec and alfacidol (vit D) and konakion (vit K). Don't know if any bit deficiency could contribute to the decay???

And absolutely agree with Kirsty carpet.... Check with your liver experts at hospital first esp. Re. Clotting factors!

Kelly x


Kelly we're at Kings College too, my son is on vitamin k, alfacalcidol, dalivit, questran and phenobarb

Kirstey& Kelly I would be grateful if you can advise me what are the foods that you avoid, the foods that you encourage and how many times a day they brush. The dentist said to not feel guilty but I do think there is something in his diet that needs change. Xxx


His last blood results showed low platelets only, all vitamins are ok.

Will check with liver team.


I'm certainly not an expert in this but I have heard that phenobarbitone can also predispose to tooth decay. There might be alternatives available? Best of luck with everything.


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