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Having a moment !!!!

Having a moment !!!!

I am having an emotional moment ....

Reece had his graduation award ceremony yesterday and is at his prom tonight ..... It has just hit me that my little boy is now my young man !!!!!!!!!

He looked so smart and was so excited about tonight.

Looking at him made me realise how far he has come not only in the world of liver disease but as a growing young adult.

Tonight is the start of another chapter in his life, a new adventure.

I feel that he no longer needs me which makes me so sad but I am happy with how well he has turned out into a caring, loving person.

He has faced so many challenges but has never, not once let his liver disease get in his way.

I am a very proud mum right now.

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You should be proud, fantastic to see our children grow into young adults, good luck to him may he continue to do well in whatever he does.


What Liver disease did he have if you dont mind me asking. You should be very proud a handsome young man. My son is 21 and I am looking forward to his graduation never thought we would ever see the day....


Reece has Alpha 1 ATD

I collected him at 4.15 this morning lol so a little bleary eyed at mo

Like you I did not think I woudl ever see this day but I am sure glad | did


Your words made me cry... My beautiful daughter is also waiting for her degree results and her graduation is in July. She had a Kasai at 10 weeks and I never imagined she would reach 21. She is having a bad time with cholangitis and is quite poorly at the mo. It breaks my heart as I see her suffering. Your words made me smile too, hopefully Clare will be well enough for her graduation. You have every right to be proud and wear a great big smile, your baby is living life to the full because you have nurtured him and been there for him :)


Aw, you have every right to be emotional, and proud! Our little man has alpha 1atd too and every milestone/achievement gets me emotional and he's only 6!! Let your emotions out. Great to see what he has achieved and to never let it hold him back. Xx


He'll always need his Mum :) Glad he's doing so well x


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