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Post liver transplant Patient


I'm new to this group.

My son was 5 months old, he was diagnosed acute liver failure. He had liver transplant @ Kings 2014. I was the living doner, gave part of my liver. His going to be 2 years old end of next month.

I wanted seek advice from anyone who's Child had liver transplant.

Did you take child to places like play groups or crèche?

My son is active toddler like other children and I do want to take him but I hesitate.

Cause his on immune suppressant medication

We don't use public transport or take him crowded places.

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Hi .glad things are going well. my son had his liver transplant 10 years ago when he was 13 . James does everything you should do to lead a normal life.i used to worry all the time about him .When ever there was colds or chicken pox around I would worry a lot. Even when his 4 other brothers and his mum and me got bad flu bad he didn't for some reason .I was very pleased for him .so my advice to you is this let your son do all the normal things children do and just deal with things life throws at you .That's how I deal with bringing all our sons up .It's really hard being a parent I know but I think your son will thank you for it in the future.good luck Paul


Hi my son was also diagnosed with acute liver failure (age 2) and had a transplant at BCH. He is now 8 and doing well. We spent the first year post transplant pretty much indoors and avoided crowded places (even doctors waiting areas) to reduce risk of infection. He now leads a normal life. We still take precautions such as regularly washing hands etc. only complication to date has been chicken pox, which is fairly common issue to manage for a liver patient. He also gets more colds than most due to low imune system but that doesn't bother him. Good luck with your son. Happy to discuss further.



My daughter had a transplant at 1 year old at BCH and she was fine, you just need to take a little extra care during the first year or so but after that its ok! Maybe around this time of the year when there are plenty of viruses going round, just be a little careful but otherwise take him! It will be good for him, funnily enough we have all had cold/flu in the past few weeks and thankfully she's been ok! Good luck with your son!


Hi, so happy to see some sound advice. I don't know if you receive information from CLDF but we do have information we can send to you or you can download information from our website for free.


best wishes jacquie


My son also had acute liver failure at 18 months and a liver transplant at Kings (nearly 7 years ago). Although worrying about infection we tried to carry on as normal, for the first 6 months we were more cautious but as the liver doctors said they are giving him a new chance at life so my philosophy is let him live it. Not saying that I don't worry every second of the day though!! He goes to school and takes part in all sports, cubs etc and is so energetic and active you would never know what he has been through. Wish you all the best and let me know if I can give any further advise, not often I hear of another acute liver failure baby.


Hi, same here with all the other posts. My son was transplanted at 2 years old and after initial extra precautions he has lead an active normal life, he started attending crèche around 4 months after as I needed to go back to work and started school a year after his transplant. 7 years on he's doing very well. CLDF offer lots of info on these topics, you'll need to inform crèches and schools of your child's needs, they have info on that too. All the best

Sarah x

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