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Why do people say that once you start taking statins "it's for life"?

I have seen several comments that once you start on statins, it's for the rest of your life, which seems to imply that stopping your statins regime is somehow 'dangerous', or more harmful than if you'd not started the regime in the first place. Please explain.

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This is only a personal opinion. Statins lower your cholesterol so when you stop taking them your cholesterol rises. You could say they keep your cholesterol artificially low.

I have seen articles that say you should stop them slowly and I think on the Your statin bit on the HEART UK website they say that there some evidence that stopping them slightly increases risk (you would have to check that and find a reference). I have stopped them 5 times because of side effects.


That would make a really great, wholly unethical, marketing ploy. "You need to take these for life to keep you healthy. Stop taking them increases your risk of heart disease." It would guarantee someone an income.

However, since overall mortality rate isn't improved by statins, you could work on changing the real risk factors for heart disease that you can control, such as eating natural food, avoiding type 2 diabetes by keeping carbohydrate intake to 40g for each of 3 meals per day (favouring low GI), and exercising sufficiently to improve heart function - 150+bpm for 10mins (plus at least 2 mins warm up), or 140+bpm for 20mins, or 130+bpm for 45mins.


What do you mean by "overall mortality rate isn't improved by statins"? I thought that was their whole raison d'etre, viz quote from NHS Choices: "It is estimated that statins save 7,000 lives a year in the UK". I didn't want statins, but eventually succumbed to GP's wishes in January taking 40mg Simvastatin. Repeat prescription is due but I haven't continued as I was not feeling well (lots of gas, raging heartburn). Not saying that's because of statins - probably just coincidence - but stopped anyway, while reconsidering.


I had similar but stopped the heartburn with omeprozol on prescription. If they are your only side effects try it and carry on.



if they are side effects they aren't as bad as mine i have had depression,swelling to knees ,ankles and back ,arms painful,legs lost shape ,very low ,feeling useless, all through taking statins .

this is from 3 different statins so if you get any of these please stop right away .

intermittent fasting is good for lowering your cholesterol i eat between 11am and 7pm and take coq10


The side effects that you have are part of the negative of taking Statins.

but fussy headed, staggering like you had to much wine and even passing out, let alone the muscular problems' Statins also can cause explosive bowl movements in advance stages of your problems.

I am not qualified to give you advice, but just to let you know Statins will not make your life rosy. Read all you can about all the statins product and choose for yourself. You have a choice


Um.... Even four years ago almost ALL RESEARCH shows the EXACT opposite of that statement "since overall mortality rate isn't improved by statins".

Why give advice that is known to be incorrect.

Read for yourself people!!


When you go to your doctor for a small problem then the medication is for a week or two, you get better. When the problem is blood related after blood test and investigation medication is offered, then it is under control!!

At this point you are given repeat prescription. Human nature, scared of family and responsibility therefore review and continue the medication and it is for life!!!!


Mastafunk, if I understood you correctly... you're wrong.


Indeed mastafunk. Read this bbc.co.uk/news/uk-40790148 and bear in mind that 1 in 50 is 2%. How cost-effective is a drug that doesn't have the desired effect on 98%?

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Statins are not for every one, Statins acts like a slow poison to me, I quit taking them in April after 13 years. I instantly started feeling better, even had thoughts of living to see the Portland TrailBlazers play again, Well guess what the new season has started and I am plugging along with out statins.

I have bouts of jumpy legs yet, and I don't know if it is from the side effects of statins or not. but hey I can walk again. I have a clear head and can even socialize a bit


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Look at the Patient Decision Aids for statins (presuming you don't have FH or have had a heart attack) they will tell you how many "events" are prevented. It's not as many as the drug companies would like you to think.


I think the answer is simple. Statins reduce the risk of CVD, so we take them as a preventative measure. At what stage do we want to stop protecting ourselves?


How can you get an unbiased opinion when all the evidence points to greed and corruption at all levels of the food and pharmaceutical industries. That's why the biggest growth industry in the world today is the sickness industry.


I found a good book

The great cholesterol Myth



Also The Great Cholesterol Con is brilliant


itales thanks i will read the book

i have found intermittent fasting to be a better way of reducing my cholesterol i eat between 11am and 7pm and reduced it from 7.9 to 6.2 in 2 months ,now to stop my muscle aches in my arms i have just ordered ubiquinol


I'm remale In the USA and am now pissed at my Dr. or more at myself for being so nieve. He did not explain any side effects or that once taking a statin I'd probably be on it for life. I have back problems so I am on pain med. though recently 6 mo ago my left sholder started having unexplained severe pain, above my pain med. now last mo. my rt sholder is having the exact pain. No one not my pain Dr. nor my internest nor my cardiologist have infered it could be due to a statin. #1. How long does it take before one starts having muscle/joint pain? I've been on the same med/dose generic lipitor 20mg for 8 years, since my heart attack at age 42. I am average weight, huge heriditary with heart problems (damn genes). Question # 2. how many of you really believe I'll be on a statin the rest of my life? Thank you for your responce.



I am 67, this is what I have found out from my experience.

When a doctor says "It is under control by medication!" then the medication is for life.

For example in my case an allergy medication is for life.

Blood sugar and cholesterol can be controlled by food intake therefore you san slowly stop medication for blood sugar and cholesterol but you need to check this with your doctor and do regular blood tests!

Tried to bring down blood sugar and cholesterol by food intake, it is working for blood sugar but not for cholesterol.I was given Lipitor 20mg to reduce cholesterol, total cholesterol came down to 2.8, (After heavy gardening work one weekend, the following day my body was in total pain, could not sit down to go to toilet!) because of side effect have stopped taking it, now total cholesterol is 5.8. Going through the process of stress tests to identify if high cholesterol has damaged any artery in my heart. If there is any artery damage the next

step is to go for an angiogram.

Q1. It depends on the individuals age and health.

Q2. If it is a secondary medication after a hear attack then it is for life! my brother who is 84 has been on statin since his heart attack, if it is primary, that is to reduce cholesterol then it is a different story. USA and UK are working on a new plan to put more people on statin as primary medication.

How is your general health?, blood sugar?, blood pressure?


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