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This morning I did a fasting reading and my level has jumped from 4.9 to 7.1, this is now nearly 6 weeks without statins. If I'm honest, it's what I expected but current observations.

1. The monitor obviously works and I don't think it's the accurate reading I'm so interested in but how much more it is going to go up.

2. Linda's point about the amount of blood maybe not so important with this monitor as it won't count down until you have a sufficient drop!

3.Going to give it another couple of weeks as I have managed to put on half a stone over the summer (don't think that is statin related or they will be marketing them as a slimming drug!).

Alert bloggers will remember that I stopped the statins because I was having pain and stiffness in my fingers which was really worrying me as I do a lot of hand writing in my job. Fingers are definitely better,so if and when I re-start statins will see if they get bad again.

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Hi Traci,

Well, the jump from 4.9 to 7.1 was in a week, but I won't do it again now for at least 2 weeks as I have only one stick left and I am trying to lose those extra pounds which will take at least that long! However, I do not think that will make any difference if I am honest.

Agree with your comments about junior doctors, I'm sure that seeing 4 different people (not a consultant) led to me being misdiagnosed with FH and a totally unnecessary year of anxiety....but Mrs Aliwally you do realise you are not the only patient in this clinic don't you....... sorry Traci , nearly went off on a rant of my own then!


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