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Just want to share my good news and thank everyone on this site!


I have battled for over 3 years to lower my cholesterol by changing my diet with no statins and up until March this year it has repeatedly remained at 6.7. I had my latest result today and in just 5 months all my hard work has finally worked as my numbers are:- Total = 5.6. HDL = 2.3. LDL = 2.9 and Tric = 0.9. I know it sounds silly but I feel a big weight has been lifted at last! :)))))

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Brilliant, how did you manage to do it? Was it the Portfolio diet?

sudihill in reply to deepblue

Yes it was deepblue and I changed my mindset to 'why eat bad stuff you can still enjoy meals with good stuff'. Plenty of fruit, veg, salmon, oats, oat milk etc. combined with all the knowledge gained from this website and its members, like you! X

Hi, just want to say how pleased I am for you and how inspiring. I,m on the right track. x

Thank you chino! It's been a battle to be honest as I love all the food that's bad for you but something just clicked for me. Feel free to ask any questions and if I can help someone it's the least I can do. Keep going if I can do it anyone can!

Hi sudihill, I,m trying to drop a bit of weight round my middle. I hate exercise but walk a bit. I,m cutting out most carbs and all sat fat. My chol is 6.7,down to 6.2 last time I went.What would you say has been the single most dietary change you have made and most significant in reducing your chol.

It's difficult to pinpoint but mainly I think it's oats. I have Flavin s porridge oats with oat milk & blueberries every morning. I eat kingsmill oatilicious bread, benecol, oat cakes also low col cheese, ah I love cheese and this is just as tasty and helps to lower cholesterol too. I cook with rapseed oil eat fresh salmon. I'm getting boring now but if you want any more tips just let me know.

Many thanks for your reply, not boring but very helpful.

Hi sudihill, Congratulations and well done. Please will you clarify something for me? You say you battled for 3 years but the change was only in the last 5 months. Did you do anything different in those 5 months or has what you started 3 years ago taken a long time to have an effect?

sudihill in reply to florence5

Ah thank you. If you read my reply to chino that may answer your question. It's hard to decide if it was just one thing. But it was my daughters wedding in May this year and I wanted to lose a few pounds for the big day so after Christmas I really got into it and combined it with a very low fat diet and I lost weight and my cholesterol came down.

Well done indeed. Nothing is impossible & quick fixes let us down. But slow and sustained perseverance do pay of well in the end. Try to maintain it now & not slide again! Cheers

sudihill in reply to MaminaElsie

Thanks I will keep it up most definately. As my numbers stayed the same for so long I was beginning to think statins would be the only option as my diet didn't seem to be doing anything. So glad I stuck with it!

cleocat in reply to sudihill

Well done Sudihill! You sound so upbeat now!! Good for you!

Well done!!!!!! It just goes to show that if we are sensible and eat and drink natural foods and watch the carbs we can keep ourselves healthy without resorting to pills!! Congratulations, you are an example to us all!

Congratulations that's great news, keep up your good work.

What a wonderfully upbeat story. So lovely to read good news. Hope this inspires other to realise that the effort is worth it. May you continue to have a long and healthy life and appreciate that the decision was all the right one.

I only hope that I can have a similar result eventually. The trouble is that the ideal level keeps going down, 7 it`s like running a race, & having someone keep moving the finish line!

Massive thanks to everyone and I just wanted to share with all the members who have been there and the ones who are still trying. It's good to know the happy stories and help support the ones feeling a bit down and not quite there yet! Cheers everyone x

have you lost any weight?

sudihill in reply to rogbert

Yes I have, I was 9 1/2 st now about 8 st 2lb.

I am thrilled for you!¬I have been stuck at a plateau for ages now,

so,I will try your idea!


It's hard to keep going with no result I agree and you don't know what to eat for the best half the time. Just keep at it, if you want to know what I eat from week to week let me know as sharing tips might spur you on!

Fantastic! Congratulations.

Well done - that is great news. How wonderful to have achieved your goal!

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