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Cholesterol lowering diet plans, where can i find them??

Ive read about two diet plans on this site, but i havnt been able to find the actual diet plans. When i look on the WWW - search engines i just find mention of them as a great way to loose wieght!!.

I dont want to loose weight, i wish to maintain my wieght, but have a structured diet plan i can easily follow, which is interesting to my mind and taste buds :).

I did look at a diet plan whereby you pay a monthly/weekly fee and they send you the meals to your door- sounds perfect to me lol...but it is a bit pricey

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If you go to the main Heart UK website, you can click on the links to the Portfolio diet and the UCLP diet which give you a good overview of what to eat on a daily basis.


Not meaning to seem lazy or dumb, what links? all i see is questions, posts and reponces to them. I see someones post commentig on how they plan to try the Ultimate diet


This should take you to the right bit of the main HEART UK website, not Health Unlocked.



i sent an email to them, to ask for a copy of the ultimate diet plan. But after some digging, i managed to find this:

Seems funny to me, as a newbie , that these diet plans are hard to find on this website. Ive read alot of mention to the diet plans, mainly explaining in general how they can help lower cholesterol , but no actual link to the diet plan itself.

Thankyou for your help in helping me find the diet plan :). I would like to suggest that the website makes these diet plans very easy to find ( although ive only found the Ultimate diet plan link :) ).


Hi, foxyrobyn!

Check out this article about Cholesterol Lowering Diet Plan. It may help you:

Good luck!


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