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cholesterol lowering through diet

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Hi all,

Interesting piece here on a doctor who dramatically dropped his cholesterol levels through diet alone.

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Also interesting because he's a doctor who says he changed his mind from his personal experience.

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A great read. This is exactly what I'm hoping to do myself and fingers crossed it will have the same effect. Thanks for sharing

I'm not going full on LCHF, but I certainly am cutting right down on sugar, and trying to keep carb consumption down overall.

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Yes, I have been on low carbs for around 6 months, blood pressure lower, cholesterol lower, waist size lower. Like idontbelieveit, I'm not being particularly strict, but it has still worked for me.

One thing that isn't often discussed about statins is whether they make people less careful about other aspects of their health such as lifestyle measures. How many people take a statin and think that because they're taking a wonder pill, they don't have to exercise, can eat what they want and continue to drink and smoke?

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A lot of people think this!, many of my relatives are in medical field, when we get together I can see it. When I say no to some food and drinks, comment I receive is, take the medication, you can eat and drink!!!!

My life style has changed a lot in the last four years but not 100%, there is room for improvement when it comes to having few drinks!

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I have a friend who takes statins, but also uses cocaine!

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I did that a few years ago after following a low fat eating plan reducing my cholesterol from 6.8 to 2.8 in around 9 months. You don't have to use statins to reduce cholesterol.

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I am afraid not every one can reduce cholesterol by having an eating plan!

There are many factors to consider. Medication is the last option, regular exercise, food intake control and life style change are the first to consider.

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Yes that's true, but the interesting thing about this story is that he would have fallen into the possible FH category, when it was his diet that was the problem. I wonder how many people are being misdiagnosed?

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