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Is it too soon to get excited?

Hi, well at last, after all these years, I am tolerating a statin. I honestly feel like I have won the lottery!

I know it is only 10mg but it is more than I have ever been able to tolerate in the past and all because of the help I have received from this site, so a BIG thank you!

AM - No Flush Niacin 50mg

Omega oils 3.6.9.

PM - Pravastatin 10mg

Coenzyme Q10 30mg +Magnesium 150mg

I am going to the gym and swimming with non of the terrible aching and joint pain I have experienced in the past with Statins

I just hope when I go for my next blood test, it will show a drop.

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I hope not for your sake, I am only 3 days into trying being completely without and am praying I am okay at the end of this week as they have played havoc with my already complicated health life.


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