Serrapeptase how it work is it safe

Hello everyone

Please I want to ask about serrapeptase and can y take it if I ame on baby aspirin

Have a nice weekend and all the best for 2018


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  • You've not given us details of your medical conditions, or reasons for wanting to use serrapeptase and aspirin.

  • Thanks for feedback my lipoproteine a is 155 mg /dL my CRP is 4 I have blockage in my coronary at 60% I took statins for 6 months and stop it for muscle raison My level of vitamine D is low due to nodules in my thyroid and parathyroid levotyrox 50 mg now

    Happy new year and allthe best for 2018

  • I suggest you post ALL of your recent lab test results WITH the reference ranges on the Thyroid UK forum of HealthUnlocked and give brief details/overview of your medical conditions and medications.

  • The first approach to help alleviate most medical issues is to ensure you are following a healthy diet and lifestyle.

    Most (not all) thyroid conditions are classified as 'Hashimoto's Disease'. The diet to help with this condition is very similar to the heart-healthy diet.

    It is primarily an 'anti-inflammatory' diet - which means avoiding, sugar, simple carbohydrates, including grains. It also suggests eliminating dairy.

    Secondly, you should ensure you are getting necessary vitamin supplementation. Most people don't eat a balanced enough diet to get all of the B complex vitamins in sufficient dosage. Vitamin C and Lysine in combination help the body to produce collagen and lower Lp(a).

    Read this:


    If you want to read some of my previous posts on getting off statins, heart disease and cholesterol, click here:

    Londinium is the resident thyroid-focused blogger so I suggest you follow her guidance on next steps.

  • Thanks and happy new year Merci for your interesting reply

  • You need to maintain good Vit D levels all year round, otherwise thyroid function will be compromised. Optimal Vit D levels are stated in BOLD FONT in this PDF.

    Vit B12 shouldn't be less than 500, according to what a retired Anaesthetist told me. A retired Endocrinologist also confirmed that good levels of Vit B12 are required for good thyroid function.

    At a Thyroid Eye Disease seminar a Lead Endocrinologist confirmed that thyroid patients should take 200 mcg of Selenium daily, to assist conversion of T4 to T3. If you don't want to take that much, you can choose to take 100- 150 mcg instead, especially if you eat Brazil nuts daily. (However, all soil isn't Selenium-rich).

    Soya impairs thyroid function and can lead to thyroid nodules, etc.

    The reply that was given to another person with thyroid and parathyroid issues will also apply to you.

    Unfortunately, hormonal issues are frequently involved with cholesterol/lipid issues and are frequently missed by medics. Medics understood, 100 yrs ago, that very elevated cholesterol levels are frequently associated to thyroid dysfunction. Unfortunately, that knowledge is now overlooked by medics who prefer to prescribe statins.

    Also, many medics do not interpret lab results accurately or even truthfully. My own GP this year misinformed me about my lab result. When I challenged him he then reluctantly admitted with some embarrassment that "yes, I know this... but we don't treat it." He was talking about my Low FT3 which is known to cause Cardiovascular Disease, and which he was ignoring, just as all my previous doctors ignored. And yet, when he saw that my FT3 was Low, he told me that it was perfectly good and fine and normal. That was when I challenged him. He had deliberately lied about my Low FT3 being good and fine and normal. He must have known that it was causing Cardiovascular Disease because he was visibly embarrassed when I challenged him, and he then awkwardly admitted that he knew that it was not good. For a GP, and a senior partner of a GP practice, to be so deliberately neglectful of the 'First Do No Harm' ethical mandate is shocking.

  • Magnesium and B6 ? Tanks

  • Raoudha,

    What is your question?!

    I wrote you a very long reply and you answered with just "Magnesium And B6. Tanks".

    I take magnesium. Do some research and decide for yourself.

    I had already said -

    "I suggest that you post ALL of your recent lab test results WITH the reference ranges on the Thyroid UK forum of HealthUnlocked and give brief details/overview of your medical conditions and medications."

  • Your post is very interesting I scan it and archive it tanks I learnt a lot and I will be a new follower appreciate Happy new year

  • Will do it now MERCI

  • They both have anti-coagulant properties. Taking them together may cause the blood to become too thin. If already on serrapeptase or aspirin, get a blood test done and measure fibrinogen levels, homocysteine levels and 'prothrombin time' (the time it takes blood to clot).

    If on just one of these (aspirin OR serrapeptase) the results are in the right levels, then adding the other may be dangerous.

    These test results will answer your question.

  • Merci

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