Statins! side effects-is it safe?

Hi, I started statins the last 6mos. Lipitor10mg=DEPRESSION horrible by 11 days. Then dr is trying pravastatin 10mg- 1 mo. For @ 2 mos 40mg/day. Never had high

chlorestrol and I am 65. I did loose weight 15lbs-some exercise before taking any statin to avoid them. Higher numbers! Last Monday had 1st esophageal spasm!! Came on suddenly and I thought I was having a heart attack?? Stomach pains and diarreah the night before and nausea. Felt like a stomach flu. Today is day 8 and I have had a long week of: Fatigue, weakness, Nausea, headache, chills-hot sensation and sleepy-tired. I changed to the BRAT diet, drinking water and electrolytes drinks. I am having a long acting stomach bug or? Have been very sad, no energy, etc and see very little to no improvement... Since on 40mg, very little exercise just do not feel like it & this is not me!


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  • I would go back to your GP and tell him that the statin is causing this and you want to come off them and why is he prescribing them if you have not got high cholesterol anyway. IMHO you would be better off exercising.

  • Might be might not be. But before writing here I would have stopped taking them and made a doctors appointment.

  • I will never take a statin again, what good is living if the quality is not there. I was using a walker, cane and anything I could find. Not sleeping, toe curling cramps and lots of tears. It has been over 2 months to clear my system and almost pain free. I am 65, a farm girl who works or worked everyday and have been an invalid. Just now getting back

  • Your first sentence hits the nail on the head in my opinion.

  • @Nannyval

  • They know enough about Statins to take them off the market once and for all

  • Read my post on 'coming off statins'.

  • START - walking daily. Begin with 5 minutes and work up to 3 x 20 minute walks per day. This gradual increase in exercise over time will rebuild your strength. Ask doctor to reduce statin by 5 mg and test blood profile after 6 weeks. However you must COMMIT to a major lifestyle change (daily exercise and better diet) or you will NOT get better:

    Dietary change - eliminate red meat, eliminate sweets, eliminate simple carbohydrates - such as white rice, pasta, white bread. You can eat complex carbohydrates - brown rice, whole grain pasta, whole grain bread. However, I limit whole grain bread to 2-3 slices daily and only have rice and past occasionally - about every other week. I use honey as a sweetener for tea, but only one teaspoon. Eat a small amount of raw almonds and pecans daily, and have some blueberries daily. Read my post on 'coming off statins'.

  • be careful if you take statins if you start to have any side effects stop right away please . I have tried 4 statins being told they just had to find the right ones I had lots of side effects including muscle loss which I am trying to right still after 2 years of not taking statins .

    I take 3 plant sterol tablets daily , 1 opti omega daily ,lecithin granules, vitamin D ,llysine tablet these are all daily and I take 1 vitamin k2 mk7 100mcg daily to repair damage to my arm muscle from statins which is nearly 100% back to normal now .

    my cholesterol was 12.1 it is now 5.3 without statins ,with all of the above and a low fat low sugar diet

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