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Statin Myopathy

This the article I was searching for. It is extremely detailed and very comprehensive.The main points are;

Statin Myopathies are much more common in the "real world" than in clinical trials , as people in trials are more carefully selected.

Myalgia can occur without a raise in CK levels.

Some patients may have underlying muscle disorders which statins further disrupt. My lovely mum died of motor neurone disease aged 80, but I know that this can arise spontaneously.

It may be a compromise between optimal LDL levels and toleration.

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I have read the article from the above link and agree it is extremely comprehensive but there is still lots of things referred to as may happen. There is obviously still very few known facts and it does not mention the fact that when people who get the muscle pain find it progresses into joint pain which is very bad for those who already have arthritus. Severe pain has a terrible effect on lives and makes a big difference to the amount of excercise taken. There is also a big difference in the price of the statins and the cheapest has most effects and Doctors try to tell you they are all the same to avoid changing to a more expensive statin. As in many cases money prescribes.


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