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High cholesterol reading

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Hi everyone im new here.

After my recent blood test got a reading of 7.5 for cholesterol so have been put on 40mg Atrovastatin. Will keep you updated how im doing just been 4 days yet.

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Did your doctor give you any explanation for the 40 mg medication?

Do you have full blood test results details?

Thank you.

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My reading has been going up past few years and so far have avoided taking medications just tried dieting heathy and more exercise but has not helped and family members on both side of parents have had high cholesterol so now doctor said I am at high risk of heart or stroke attack.

Taking this high dosage for 3-4 months and then getting blood test done again to maybe lower the dosage hopefully.

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If you do not want to give the numbers, it is OK. The human body needs cholesterol to function. Please take care.

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My blood test results were cholesterol 7.5, serum HDL 1.5, se non HDL 6 and serum HDL ratio 5 if these help but mostly I have been checking the top reading which has gone up from being 6 to 7.5 in the last 4 years.

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sandybrown in reply to High29

There is a man made formula, Total cholesterol = HDL + LDL + triglyceride / x.

There ratio as well. Internet give a lot of information and guide lines on lipid numbers.

From my own experience I am living with total cholesterol and lipid numbers higher than guide line and also blood sugar guide line number.

I am 76, only time will tell on medication.

now days Non HDL is also looked. There is remnant cholesterol as well.

It all depend on the doctor, how deep to look int cholesterol lipids.

Human body produces 80 % cholesterol on demand for body to function the other 20 % is from food and drinks.

If you are happy to take medication for 3 - 4 months and then go for blood tests, this is fine but do look at any reactions to your body as cholesterol is getting reduced.

The link below is from mail online on statin:


Take care.

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I'm on 40g and it does seem to keep my cholesterol under control. I hope that one day I'll be able to be prescribed a lower dose, but who knows?

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my cholesterol is 6.6 and the nurse suggested trying to change diet eat more healthy for 3 months then if not I might want to think about taking statins. I have a tablet for blood pressure and my glucose level is borderline.

Hope the statins help you.

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Did your gp do a heart risk assessment?

My understanding after doing my research is how the over all profile looks. Low triglycerides to high HDL. High LDL increases longevity and is protective as we age. It naturally rises as we get older, but based on outdated inaccurate evidence and pharma monopolising our health, everyone will be on a statin by the time they are 50… follow the money….

My ldl is high, my heart risk is low- my lipid profile is great… new research is indicating it’s the triglycerides that are a risk factor if raised. Sugar is the culprit.

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You may draw some ideas from the reply I gave to this other post on this forum.👇


In addition to that, I'd like to reassure you that cholesterol does tend to naturally & gradually rise with age.

Also, thyroid issues can impact our cholesterol/lipid results, so any thyroid/endocrine issues should be properly tested, diagnosed and treated. This would include lab. testing of TSH, FT3 and FT4 (i.e. not just the TSH, and not just the TSH & FT4).

It's a good idea to get a printout of cholesterol & lipid results with the lab. ref. ranges stated.

Take a look at your Triglycerides result and see where, in relation to the lab. ref., the Triglycerides result is. Is it in the upper/lower part of the lab. ref. range? If it's in the upper part of the lab. ref. range, it can indicate over-consumption of sugars/carbs/starches.

Ditto HbA1C. If your HbA1C has been lab tested, take a look and see where the HbA1C lab result is in relation to the lab. ref. range. Is it in the upper/lower part of the HbA1C range? If it's in the upper part of the lab. ref. range, it can indicate over-consumption of sugars/carbs/starches.

If you modify/reduce your intake of sugars/carbs/starches, you should then see an improvement in your pre/diabetic status.

Good luck. 👍



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Hello, my doctor put me on 40mg from the start off. I just couldnt function!! and refused to take! When I went to the hospital for the blood test results the Doctor put me on Rosuvastatin 5mg and I have been fine on this nearly a month now. I guess when I have next blood test will discover how much my cholesterol has reduced. I have also improved my Diet with more healthy meals from a specific cook book for people with Diabetes and have taken to walking to the village and back about a mile and half daily. No more sweets or Ice cream when at the Cinema just a black coffee! They also say I have blood pressure and have given me Bisoprolol Fumarate 2.5 mg.to take midday! Ive never had blood pressure all my life?!!

All I know from family history my Grandmother had Angina, my Mother Cystic Fibro. My younger brother 10 years has just had 4 Stents fit in an emergency situation first two then another two. Is there any questions I should ask at my next review??

Thanks for any advice offered.

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