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Hellooooo everybody. Got diagnosed in November I had heart disease. Since then have really tried with my diet and lost 2 stones. Could anybody tell me if my plasma lipids results look ok. Here goes:-


Thankyou all

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Your total cholesterol number looks good. Are you on any medication to lower cholesterol or life style change?

Since you had heart issues the best person to discuss these numbers is your consultant.

You need cholesterol for your body to function therefore watch the total cholesterol number.

If you can offer more information related to your health other members here can answer your question.


Trope in test is carried out on ladies to indemnify hart issues when all other tests do not give a satisfactory result.

Because you had issues there is no risk analysis available!,,

If your blood lipid numbers are improving you can ask you can ask for medication review.

Look after your health


Morning Sandybrown. I got diagnosis with heart disease in November. Was offered statins but wanted to review my lifestyle completely. Chlosterol was 5.9 now 4.5. Lost 2 stones too. It has took me around 6 months. I am hoping that if my cholesterol is going down that my plaque in my arteries is shrinking?? Thankyou for taking the time out to reply. Have a great day!


In human body there is old fat and it is very difficult to shift!!

Life style do help. You need to keep an eye on BP, blood glucose and blood cholesterol. Watching out for free and hidden sugar in food a drinks, regular exercise can help towards a healthy life.

A doctor may say you need medication to undo the damage. If you go for a 12 lead stress test , echo and electro cardio gram any damage can be identified.

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Blue crest and few other private health company offer a combination of tests as a package. May be you can look into this inUK. By lifestyle change you have slowed down any new build up. Any exercise where the heart rate goes to 120 to 130 percent can help. With good blood flow. A slow process. I started on this slow process five years ago to avoid medication.


Thankyou for taking the time out to reply and for the recommendations. Enjoy your day


How were you diagnosed with heat disease, did you have a coronary CT scan ?


Morning Mark160. Had a andiogram


Morning, your cholesterol levels look fine in fact if they looked like that before your diagnosis I would say that this is another example that illustrates that LDL cholesterol is not the main driver of heart disease. There is documented/published evidence of plaque regression in arteries from the adoption of a whole food plant based diet (google Dr Dean Ornish) and there is also some evidence (un published) that I have recently been listening to from a guy who focused on optimal levels of varoius vitamins such as K2, Magnesium, D3 etc


Mark what do joy think is 4he main contributor of heart disease if not LDL?


Damage to the arterial wall which is then patched up by a number of things one of which is Cholesterol. What do I think have been the main dietary contributors, probably sugar, processed oils, processed foods along with trans fats and stress, the latter being a proven cortisol producer which we know decreases insulin sensitivity meaning more insulin is needed which damages the arterial wall, see track record on heart health of diabetics


Hi Mark. Sorry about spelling errors, rushing. I am not taking any statins. When I went to see my GP he was adamant I should do but I wanted to bring down my chlosterol myself. It was my lifestyle choices that had got me into this mess and i truly believe i can regress some of the plaque build up myself


Morning Mark160. I do try and follow a plant based diet. Maybe 4 to 5 days a week. I may have a little chicken and fish, but not a lot. Just had my porridge with oatmeal milk, bananas,berries,flax seed and chia seeds. Talking a iut vitamins?? I take a B12 vitamin first thing and a D3 with my lunch at work and when I have my dinner I take K2 (MK7). Like you I have the believe that it does put the calcium into my bones and help with cardiovascular health too.


That all seems pretty sensible but try checking your blood sugar readings on that porridge breakfast and then compare with other low glycemic breakfasts, you may be unpleasantly surprised


Hi Mark. What do you have for breakfast?


Experimenting with fasting from last meal night before until lunch following day but of course not every day, maybe 2 out of 7. On the other days I tend to have low sugar beans on toast, probably the only time I have some bread. Probably one a week an egg on toast also. I also take a spoonful of Saurkraht (spelling ?) most mornings. To drink, Hibiscus or Green Tea. I also take a couple of supp's

1. Kyolic Aged garlic

2. Life Extension multi Vitamin


My last meal at night is around 8pm. I then don't eat until 11am when I get a break at work the following day. I may have a hot coffee. I do this 4 days a week. Not sure if this is good but that's the norm for me. I didn't think of it being of any good for me. Maybe it is??


Might be worth you reading this book

By the way on your other post about cold feet and hands it could be a thyroid problem. You could try supplementing with Iodine. Check it out for yourself


Thankyou Mark for all the valuable information. Will take a look at the book. Wishing you lots of good health. Have a good week


Welcome to the Cholesterol forum. I'm glad to see you have already had some good responses from regular forum contributors.

I had triple bypass surgery in 2015 followed by 4 stents and a cocktail of pills including statins. I have since changed my diet, resulting in my weight dropping to its optimal level, and I completed eliminated all medications, including baby aspirin.

There is a pinned post to the right side of this page which I wrote 'How I Conquered Heart Disease and What I Have Learned in the Process'. I encourage you to read it.

In the meantime your lipids look great - you could work on increasing your HDL somewhat as it plays a role in Reverse Cholesterol Transport (RCT). Reversing arterial plaque is a controversial subject and unless you get an angiogram you will never know definitively.

Nuts and seeds will help with raising HDL. Easy on the bananas as they tend to spike blood sugar. Stick with berries and apples when having fruit.

I encourage you to listen to and read the show-notes for this Podcast:

Vitamin D should be taken in the morning as it will impede your sleep quality the later in the day that you take it.

Take CoQ10 supplements in the morning on a daily basis to help with cellular energy and muscle maintenance.

You can have animal protein in small portions daily as long as they are sourced from organic, hormone and antibiotic-free, pasture raised farm environments. This includes free-range chicken and grass-fed cows and other livestock.

Vitamin K2 is found naturally in the dark meat of poultry, and aged cheeses from Nordic countries - best is Gouda and Jarlesberg.

You should have more Omega 3 fats in your diet from cold-water fish such as trout, wild caught salmon and arctic char. You can also use supplements if you don't eat enough fish. You should eat fish 2-3 meals per week.

Continue to avoid sugar, processed foods and simple carbohydrates.

Get yourself a Mediterranean Diet or Greek diet cookbook to learn some great new recipes.

Best of luck.


Thankyou so much for info. I do follow your posts regularly. You are very informative. Do you think heart disease can be reversed?


On reversal of heart disease - since I am not a research scientist I cannot say definitively - and from what I have read, not even research scientists know definitively. Based on my readings, the body has a remarkable ability to heal itself if you treat it as nature intended. That means no sugar or processed foods, and cooking with only organic produce, minimizing stress, socializing with those you love, and taking time to get a full 8 hours sleep each night.

Intermittent fasting replicates mankind's historical experience with alternating periods of feast and famine and can potentially contribute to keeping blood vessels clear or reversing any accumulation.

So do I believe its possible? Yes I do think it is possible - but purely speculation on my part. As much as medical science has learned about the functioning of the human body and brain in the last century, we still know very little. If you read medical studies as I do, you will get the sense that virtually nothing (from a dietary and lifestyle perspective) can be proven definitively in terms of cause and effect. I know that my own whole-foods, plant-based diet and daily exercise regimen, along with selective supplements, has reinvigorated me. I run quarterly blood test to confirm that my behaviour is keeping me on track.

You may wish to read the story about Nathan Pritikin which is fascinating and addresses your question:

You may also be interested in a book written by double-Nobel Prize Laureate, Dr. Linus Pauling: 'How to Live Longer and Feel Better'

Good luck!


Thankyou so very much. You give me hope! I am trying. I have had so many compliments at work about my weight loss and how fresh I've been looking. I have been 6 months now on this new life changing regime. Do feel better. Without a doubt. Loads of energy. I hope with my positive attitude I can continue to feel good and starve of medications. Having a diagnosis of heart disease has made me truly look at life differently 100%. Will take a look at what you have sent me. Have a great week!


You can't teach attitude - stay positive and you'll do great!




You had angiogram, did you get the result giving a percent blockage.?

Did the cardiologist offer you stent or life style change.

You achievement is excellent , enjoy one life.


Hi Sandy. Andiogram revealed 70% blockage in LAD. Cardiologist offered me lifestyle change. Had a dopamine stress test and it was revealed that it wasn't blood flow limiting. Thank God. Hence that's why complete lifestyle change. Two stone off and chloesterol down from 5.9 to 4.5.


Thank you. Enjoy healthy life with life style change and regular exercise.


Hi Sandy. I will try my very best. The saying is sooo true 'you are what you eat'. Wish I had followed! Hope you keep well. Look after oneself.


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