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Nurse review

went for my diabetic review with the practice nurse (I had to concede and come out of denial with a HbA1c of 70 and start metformin ), She gave me a bit of a stern word when I said I'd stopped my statin and said I was putting myself at risk of heart attack and stroke from the diabetes. She said I needed to think about my own individual circumstances and not the statistics from some statin negative papers.

She said if I really didn't want to take statins to take plant stenols DAILY - they can reduce cholesterol by 10% she said

She agreed I was doing the right thing in trying the Blood Sugar Diet'

My BP is also now high...:( and she talked about starting me on meds for that

#not happy

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According to scientific/medical studies, Berberine is reputed to help reduce elevated Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Blood Sugar.

Having said that, I urge each person to do their own research and draw their own conclusions as to what they do/not wish to try.


I also suggest that you consider reducing your intake of carbohydrates e.g. flour, grains and sugars.


Also try to maintain optimal Vit D levels all year as per the advice of 48 listed scientists/medics in this PDF.


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Your lipids are out of whack because your diabetes is out of control.

Following the BSD should help because only eating 800 kcal a day you are far less likely to over-consume the carbohydrate that is causing the problem.

You could instead halve what you've been eating, and eat sufficient natural fat to enable you to lose weight if applicable, without being hungry.

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