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Will muscle & joint pain disappear, and to what degree will I feel better after I quit taking Crestor after six years of 10 mg. daily?

My muscle and join pain has gotten progressively worse over the last 6 or 7 years (about the time I began taking Crestor). I also suffer from moderate to severe osteoarthritis. I never thought the reason for my pain was taking a statin, and I also believed the pain would go away in time. In 2008, I was diagnosed with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy with an ejection fraction of 17%. I had been taking Crestor for about a year at that time. The Heart Failure Clinic (I was a patient there for the next 3 1/2 years) put me on 5 or 6 heart medications to treat my condition. Additionally I was to restrict my sodium and water intake. Once my ejection fraction improved to a 48%, I was discharged from the Clinic and told to continue taking my prescribed medication. My GP referred me to a cardiologist after hearing from me that I was feeling tired, listless and often out-of-breath. A few months passed by, and the cardiologist decided to take me off all of my medication except for Enalapril (let's give that a try, he said, because sometimes less is more). He felt that perhaps my by now excruciating muscle and joint pain might be aggravated by all the drugs I was taking. So I stopped taking all but Enalapril. In June of 2013, I was admitted to hospital once more with congestive heart failure. A cardiac MRI revealed that my ejection fraction had dropped to 23% and my heart condition had worsened somewhat. Back on medication (some the same as before and some new stuff). I was put on the pacemaker/defibrillator waiting list. On September 13th, I had the procedure done at the Pacemaker Clinic. There is still tweaking and adjustments being made to the calibration. O.K. all this to say/ask: Is anyone familiar with my health problems - 1) Could the statin have been the reason for my cardiomyopathy? 2) If so, will getting off the statin improve my heart condition? 3) Will my muscle & joint pain get better over time, and if so, how much time. I need to walk to give my heart a moderate cardio workout after my pacemaker/defibrillator, and walking any distance is almost impossible with bum knees, hips, calves, ankles, etc. I would appreciate receiving information from you if you've experience anything near my experience. Thank you!

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In my opinion I'd say yes all your aches and pains will ease once you stop statins. Myopathy and neuropathy are known side effects of taking any statin. As myopathy is a muscle problem and as the heart is a muscle then I'd say yes it could mean that your heart problems should improve.

My advice would be to stop statin medication for a period of 4 weeks, if you improve then you'll know it's the statins, you'll also have proof to ensure your GP and cardiologist take your side effects seriously.

I would also add the supplement Co Q10 to your diet, it's an extremely important enzyme that our body needs and statins stop this being produced, you can purchase Co Q10 from any Heath store or chemist.

The experiences you are currently struggling are similar to the ones I suffered, I stopped my statins and improved straight away, particularly muscle pain and fatigue.

Good luck and keep us posted on how things are going.


Muscle aches and pains are a well known side effect of all statins and Crestor is one of the "stronger" ones.

On some websites you will find information linking statins and cardiac myopathy. I am not a medic and I do not know your medical history, but maybe you could discuss it with your cardiologist. Sonyajba is right about the Co Q10 as statins deplete levels of this in the body.

When you are taking a lot of different drugs it is hard to pinpoint what is causing what. Why were you prescribed statins in the first place?


I was on 4 types of statins over 15months, muscle pain was horrid, stopped taking them and pain reduced a lot, have now changed my diet and do regular exercise, but I still have a lot of pain in my left shoulder and arm.

My GP says I,ve got frozen shoulder, am going to ask for a xray and blood test.

Statins the wonder drug, don,t get me started, I was ok before put on them.

Regards Allyg.


Hi Aliwally (and whoever else might have answers for me)... In response to your question of "why" I was ever prescribed Crestor. I was prescribed Crestor several years ago (about 6 or 7 I think). This statin was prescribed because I had a moderately elevated cholesterol level. Coincidentally, that's about the time I can remember my muscle pain and weakness beginning. I didn't report this to my GP for quite some time. When I did, he sent me for an x-ray, nothing showed up, so I figured I'd just wait it out. Months passed and then years. Call me ignorant, but it's only recently that I made the connection between Crestor and my muscle pain and weakness, and this realization came after watching a program on CNN with Dr. Sanjay Kupta. I've now been off Crestor for about a month now. My pain is still quite extensive, especially in my upper right arm & shoulder. It's hard to tell what pain is a result of my osteoarthritis and what pain is a result of Crestor side-effects. O.K., enough said about that. I have another question. You suggest taking Co Q 10... is it O.K. to take this when I'm on the heart medication I am presently taking... Enalapril, Metropolol, and Spironolactone? I am gun shy when it comes to taking anything at all. Anyone out there who has answers for me, please enlighten me. Thank you so much!


It's absolutely fine to take Co Q10 with medication as it's just a supplement, it's no different than taking a vitamin.

As you've been on Crestor for years it may take a while before you start feeling better, it'll take time to come out of your system. I've been off simvaststatin for 5 months now and still get the odd pain in my left shoulder and arm every now and again.

My friend was recently diagnosed with frozen shoulder turned out that it was the statins, although GP reluctant to believe it.

I'd be interested to know if your arthritis started before or while you were taking Crestor?


I've had osteoarthritis for many years. It seems to affect only the women in my family... i.e. my mother who died at 60 years of age, and my sister who died at 66 years of age. Both had had arthritis for several years. My father who passed away at age 69 had no arthritis, nor do my four brothers, three living and another who passed away a year ago this month. I don't think a long life is in the stars for me, although I would like a few more years.


I would say YES to all of the bad aches and pains,as I too have suffered the same,unknowing that Statins were causing the extra pains,#once I knew?

I came off them,I have been stopped for abouit a year,

sorry but I do not feel any better.

when I had a Heart scan?I too had Heart Failure,so far I am taking life very easy too keep myself from getting any worse,so far?so good....

do I feel worse for coming off the Statins?

I don't feel like,

up to now I have not been offered any tests to see if my Stats are up or down.

so,I guess they do not feel the need to check once you stop taking statins?

I have severe Osteo/Arthritis,

meaning I needed 2 Spine ops, 2 new knees,and last year I had to have an Op, on my r/index finger,a slipped disc there too,oh it is so very painful all day every day.

made worse when I type....I had a blood test which showed that I also have Rhuematoid Arthritis,

I go to see a Specialist at the Rhuematolgy clinic in January...


B12 supplements I take after 3-4 months off statin but taking b12 500ug 2 a day and vitamin d with calcium my arms I can now use and I don't get numbness in my feet and don't get depressed anymore read a book on can b12 be the cause statins reduce your b12 and other things your body need vitamin d3 take care all ditch the statins and take b12


B12 supplements I take after 3-4 months off statin but taking b12 500ug 2 a day and vitamin d with calcium my arms I can now use and I don't get numbness in my feet and don't get depressed anymore read a book on can b12 be the cause statins reduce your b12 and other things your body need vitamin d3 take care all ditch the statins and take b12


hi worried _muscles i have stopped taking the statins i was told i would have to be on for life ,i was in agony with my muscles mainly my left arm never had any trouble before i am / was very healthy before 2011 after statins in april i will never take another statin ever i take 500ug b12s 2 every day ,vitamin d with calcium every day one ,opti omega 3 every day to bring my triglycerides down ,i eat normal food but eat within 7-8 hours a day my first is at 11am breakfast ,12 dinner ,3 snack ,5pm tea and another snack at 6pm i dont eat anything else and i am starting to feel great after 6pm do not have anything to drink with sugar i have sugar free coffee my levels cholesterol was 12.1 ,triglyceride 5 in 2011 got it down tocholesterol 8 ,triglycerides 3.5 with statins on and off but felt so ill numbness,muscle aching ,muscle wasting on my legs .the low down as from my results dated 23 dec 2013 my cholesterol is 5.8,triglycerides 1.8 from intermittent fasting and vitamin b12 ,vitamin d with calcium and opti omega 3 capsules ,been off statins for about 4 months and nearly 100% back to what i was before statins /fibrates keep off the statins take b12


I am on crestor (rosuvastatin) for 6 weeks. I am feeling terrible all the time with chest pain muscle pain in arms and legs often down one side of body. i am feeling tired all the time feeling very weak with headaches and nausea. Is this the side effect of this drug


I'm sorry I did not see this sooner: contact your doctor immediately. They sound like possible side-effects. I had fewer but more acute reactions and they took me off it.


I can't believe this, I have been told I have a frozen shoulder on my right side and am currently taking Crestor. This pain is so bad, I don't sleep at night. I can't tell you the last time I have been able to sleep in bed with my wife. I been sleeping I my recliner for ever. No I find all you people with frozen shoulders and other joint problems that are or were taking Crestor. Can anyone tell me did the Co q10 help at all. I have been putting up with pain for a log time. It has cost me a lot of money in xrays, MRI, Doctor visits from General Pract, Pain Doctors, Ortho Docs. Now they want me to go to physical therapy. Like I said I am lucky to sleep 2-3 hours a day, and that's spread out, not at one time.


Hi I had frozen shoulder. Tried a new treatment called Hydrodilitation three months into it. Instant relief and it gets better all the time. It is a new treatment and not every Gp knows about it. I went private in Leeds but a friend of mine got it done on the NHS and it sorted her out. Ask your gp to refer you. They inject straight into you're shoulder. Sounds horrible and painful but it wasn't.


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