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Vitamin C - The Movie - terminated Production

I encourage everyone on this forum to watch these 4 brief video trailers about this movie production that ended abruptly:


I have already successfully used high-doses of vitamin C to lower my cholesterol levels. This molecule though does much more than lower cholesterol - it has broad application to overall human health and has been able to treat or cure many illnesses.

It is worthwhile doing your own Research on this subject.

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Firstly there is this: indiegogo.com/projects/vita...

Secondly, there is no mention of Dr Rath


Yes thank you Paul, i noticed that too after uploading my post. I wonder if vested interests had a hand in ending this production.

I didnt mention Rath in this post though.

The 4 trailers are still interesting as is the abrupt termination to the project.


Are you going to invest in the film?


From what I can see, the funding effort has been terminated. I would have considered a donation had they still been pursuing the venture. I was very impressed with the quality of the trailers as well as stories and medical professionals involved. There's nothing on the internet about how or why this venture was terminated which leads me to believe there was third-party intervention.

What do you think?


The rewards were awful and they raised $100,000 less than required. You and I could do better..,


SOS how have you administered your dosage. Is it orally and if so what brand or form are you using. I take 1000mg per day orally


I use liposomal vitamin C which allows for greater bioavailability per dosage. 1,000 mg of liposomal vitamin C is the equivalent to 3,000 mg to 4,000 mg of vitamin C in pill or powder form. They recommend to take up to two doses of this form daily. I'm currently taking 3 packets.

Click on this link and watch the embedded video:



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