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Bergamet to lower cholesterol


Has anyone tried Bergamet to try and lower cholesterol without statins - it is expensive but if it works I would rather give it a try rather than go on statins straight away.

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Similar question was asked three years ago.

Just read in a magazine that trials have shown Bergamot (a citrus fruit grown in Southern Italy) to be almost as effective as statins. Apparently there is a supplement available but not yet in the UK as still being tested for licence.

See that you can buy it in Oz and USA but if its that good wonder why it doesn't replace statins there?

Please Google "Bergamot to lower cholesterol", there a lot of information.

DakCB-UK in reply to sandybrown

So what's this then?

sandybrown in reply to DakCB-UK

What is in a spelling! O or a E ?

Have a read of the previous discussion.

Perhaps try cutting down on processed carbs and sugar first, and see if that has any effect.

Cassandra in reply to Penel

Hospital dietician told me my diet is really healthy and didn't know of any changes I could make that would help with the cholesterol - said I may just be one of the unlucky ones

sandybrown in reply to Cassandra

In my journey of last three years I used to think my food intake is healthy. sugar and hidden sugar is what to watch for! Now days I read the label for sugar and try to avoid food with high sugar. Once on a while I do go for it!

NHS dietician use very old information, if you Google you can find a lot of latest information on LCHF food. I use butter to cook eggs, fish, chicken coconut oil as a spread on toast, blue milk and good cheese and for fruit I eat Avocado. This works for me

If you make a note of all your food intake for two weeks and check on sugar you may find the answer.

Good luck.

Cassandra in reply to sandybrown

Thank you Bala for your replies - my brother and I always read into things and look for hidden sugar and fat content so are aware of this aspect of diet. Only recently my brother spoke to a manager in our local M&S store and told him he was most disappointed in their 'healthy' food as salt content was so high - also cooked chicken marinated in sugar etc. I think it's wrong that these stores can call their food 'healthy' if it's laden with all these nasties - they are really conning members of the public.

I also eat avocado, plenty of fish etc but no cheese as I simply never liked the taste. By the way what is blue milk?

sandybrown in reply to Cassandra

In UK milk comes in plastic bottles with different colour top. Blue top is full fat milk, green top 50% fat and red top very low and so on. We in our house have very little sugar.

NHS food plate and other food plate needs changing to add all the latest findings.

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