Hi . I take a few different medicines and some family n friends tell me to take 75 mg dispensable aspirin daily. I asked the pharmacist and she said it’s ok but might ask my doc . I take llansoprazonal . Ventolin . Levethyroxine . Ramipril and allopurinol. Opinions pleaase


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  • Dont take any advice from anyone except your doctor.

  • If you only take advice from your doctor you will be bound and imprisoned into a single Pharma view of solving health problems. He/she is not allowed to describe solutions outside Big Pharmas paradigm even if he/she has any knowledge of safe alternatives. For example if you ask the doctor 'what about Fruitflow or Nattokinase as an alternative to Aspirin' they will probably look at you with a vacant expression.

  • If you wish to take the risk of having ulcers and bacterial gut problems later, then take your friends' advice. There are proton pump inhibitors that you can take to delay the onset of ulcers but then they themselves have huge health risks. The fewer meds that you put into your body the better. Only take meds if it is absolutely necessary.

  • Good advice!

  • You have now, finally, revealed that you take Levothyroxine/T4.

    I suggest that you post ALL of your recent lab results WITH the reference ranges, and a brief overview of your medical condition/s, on the Thyroid UK forum

    As for Arty Sax's instruction: "Don't take any advice from anyone except your doctor". Look at his posts and you'll find that he asks for advice/opinions.

  • Ask your doctor he will check on any drug interactions and risks/benefits of taking aspirin. I also find this site useful when checking drug interactions you may also find this site useful

  • I read that long term, aspirin causes macular degeneration. Exactly what happened to my mother.

    Everthing has a risk. If there are natural alternatives, I would be inclined to try them first.

  • Ask your doctor

  • According to reports I've read, Aspirin is the 4th leading cause of Kidney failure. Low dose Aspirin is only 'low dose' when compared to a regular (325 MG) dose. Low dose, taken every day, totals almost 30,000 MG in a year. That's a LOT for your Kidneys to deal with. There are better and natural ways to keep your blood in good shape. Do some research online.

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