Hi lillywhites

I Have written down on my calender when l started takeing my new methods of getting my cholesterol down. In the mornings l take a teaspoon of Hi Strengh Liquied fish oil and one garlic tablet and at night l take Niacin B3, or is it better take that one in the morning?

My Cholesterol last test was 7.5

Any other suggestions from any body , l will check my levels in 2 months and see what,s happening


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  • Why don't you eat the fish instead of taking the tablet, much tastier!

  • hi you must take between 1-2 grams a day of niacin to get any benefit but you have to work you way upto that slowly i take krill oil better than omega 3 oil and kyolic garlic and 30 mins a day on my exercise bike take care

  • What is krill oil

  • google Dr Mercola or you tube Krill oil

  • Hi Lillywhites l was wondering if you got any receations to the NiACIN B3 l had a bad recaction, my face swelled up and my whole skin red and hot?

  • Please check the medical components on this Niacin B3.

    you may find that you are allergic to some of the components!, aspirin allergy?

  • hi that is all normal i saw my lipid consultant this week he wants me to up my dosage you have to take it in small amounts and increase slowly take it with food and not with a hot drink, wine and spicy food google Dr Hoffa those side effects do go away as you use it more all my family take it and it does work it hits your Lp(a) which no statin drug does this, you may find a small aspirin 30 mins before you take niacin will help you, i take 3x500mg a day take care now.

  • Hi Lillywhites l don,t think l will be taking any more of Niacin, l got a very bad recation from it

  • we all got the same reaction as you but it does go the more you take it BUT in small dosages if youve taken it without food ? you will have a bad reaction

  • hi tina2318

    try about 8 or9 almonds with brown skin on every day

    takes a month or so but does lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol

    very important to leave skin on

    also porridge if you like it

    has brought my level down from 7.00 to 5.8 and i am still working on it

  • hi tina2318.

    try almonds in their skin about 9 a day .

    looking forward to hear how your cholesterol levels are in 2 months.

    good luck

  • hi.

    try almonds in their skin about 9 a day.

    also 2 or 3 portions of salmon fresh or frozen a week.

    good luck

  • Almonds didnt work for me.

  • I am afraid we all are different and different food work is different ways! Try it eliminate it or continue to use it.

    Have you tried coconut oil?

  • No. Do you cook with it. Have you managed to get yours down and your blood pressure without meds

  • This is how I look at things.

    Medication are designed to show reaction very quickly.

    Food intake it works and it does not work for some people.

    There are number of food that can help bit it takes time to see results!

    Coconut oil in UK is in a spreadable form because of room temperature!

    I use virgin coconut oil on my toast as a spread, I do not take this every day may three times a week.

    Mixed Nuts and fruits I take it every day. Avocado fruit, I take four a week, this is because I can buy 4 for £3.

    I do not take any supplements. only time will tell.

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