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I understand I need to take statins (cholesterol 7.8) but now (?) aspirin? Differing doctor's opinions?

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My cholesterol level has risen sharply in a short time and a lung scan, which was clear, found something else - an artery to the heart has a few fatty plaques. I understand the doctor wanting to put me on statins, but the nurse appears to have asked another doctor (she may have forgotten that she asked one doctor in the first place) and now this doctor has said he would like me to take aspirin as a preventative measure, which I am reluctant to do.

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Hi jen1eye. My consultant put me on 75mg dispersible aspirin at my last consultation together with fenofibrate. It depends on what type of cholesterol you have. I think they put you on aspirin as a precaution as it thins the blood.

Hi, I am often amazed to read some of the comments on this site, yours being one. Did you not ask the Doctor or the Nurse the reason for this and why they thought it was a good idea?

If not, please do. Most doctors are so very patient at explaining any condition and why they prescribe certain drugs to you, Some of the people on this site are professionals but most aren't, they will give loads and loads of helpful support, which I can say is really helpful, but medical questions should be answered by your Doctor. Please speak to him or her!!

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Yes, I did ask and was given all the reasons, but I am confused why one doctor's opinion is different to the other's.

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HI, Then go back and ask, it's the only way to get the answer you are looking for, we are only giving a laymans opinion, with the greatest respect to everyone her who is trying to help, ask your Doctor why there is a difference of .opinion and he or she will explain.

There is nothing wrong in taking low dose of aspirin daily.

75mg aspirin is good, it stops your blood from being sticky and help prevents strokes, aspirin is the only pill i never skip.

As they have found the valve to your heart is not quite correct it is normal to take the aspirin to thin your blood and thereby avoid a heart attack. This is a very small dose and well worth taking to avoids a HA!

There was an article on aspirin in one of the HEART UK recent newsletters. You might be able to find it on their main website.

I was told to take asprin after having stents inserted and 6 months later was in hospital for 10 days with a bowel bleed after tests and observation consultant deceided it was the asprin that caused it saw the heart consultant 3 months later he said stay on the asprin so went back on it like a good boy does and 3 days later blood showing again so went off asprin again no problems thats all I can say I do not take asprin anymore

You would appear to be an exception then to the norm, as most people take low dose aspirin without problems.

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