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Folllowing a routine blood test yesterday, my GP rang me at 9pm last night and told me that they have found that I have too much potassium in my system which can affect my heart rhythm. So he booked me in this morning for a heart check followed almost immediately with a consultation with him, and a strong possibility of being admitted to hospital today. Didn't sleep much. Scary or what! Also told me to discontinue taking Ramipril.

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Good luck Hansi. I had to look up hyperkalemia! It is treatable, so fingers crossed that it gets sorted quickly.


Panic over. I went in for my ECG this morning which was normal and following a consultation with my regular GP ( who wasn't the one who phoned) he wasn't too worried about it but said the Ramipril may be affecting my kidneys, and my blood pressure was ok so he told me to stop taking it and go back for another blood test next week and he would review it again. Phew!


Thank you for your update, I was looking for good news. What a time you had.

Please review all you medication.


I have friends with this condition. They have to change their diet. You will be surprised how much Potassium there is in most foods we eat! This is not a death sentence. By the way, my friend himself is a retired physician - now 84. Take care and follow your doctor's advice at every step. Worry makes all disease worse.

Best wishes

(But control you Potassium intake)


Panic over. See my last post


It is treatable. I will suggest to change your diet


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