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Advice needed please


My cholesterol level is 7.4. I have ranged over the past several years between 6.7 to 8.5. I have been told by the GP that although my cholesterol is high, my risk is fairly low due to the fact of no heart disease in the family. My diet is relatively good, I hardly eat red meats etc . A new GP has asked for my bloods to be taken again, I have a feeling he is going to put me on statins, which i am not to happy about, after having seen people whom i know taking them and been very unwell.

My question is if i have to start taking medication what would you advise i ask the GP for? any advise would any advice would be welcome as i haven't done much research . Thanking you in advance.

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Your total cholesterol is between 6.7 and 8.5, did you GP do a qrisk analysis and explain to you how you can lower your cholesterol, if necessary. Do you own research on diet and take control, do not go for NHS diet plan!!!! Cholesterol lowering medication react differently to different people, there are many of them you may need to find the one works for you, that is the way, if you want to go.

The latest information in Google can be confusing, you need to do a lot of research!

1. Ask your GP for a printed copy of you blood test results. Why have you moved to a new GP?

2. If he offers you medication, ask is it possible to lower cholesterol by life style change, food intake control and regular exercise?

3. Watch out for hidden sugar and free sugar in processed food. you can get better health by watching your food intake and regular exercise.

4. Google for cholesterol blood testing, write down all you questions and answers.

5. Depending up on your age and your other medical condition you can get a healthier life by life style change.

6. Have a look at the post from Monday, this lady have written in the copy of Mail on Sunday about for problems from cholesterol lowering medication.


Why not try Plant Sterols. I did and no side effects like with statins. Doctor seems quite happy with this.


if you don't want to take them tell him this but you will have to change you diet some what.


I was taking crestor to lower my cholesterol for about a year. The pain started with sharp pain in the hip and thigh and then moved to the knee and the other hip and buttock. within a year I was near a cripple. I was looking for a scooter and any help to walk. I am a 65 yr. old woman. Always active and still was working 8 hrs a day on the farm. I have stopped taking Crestor and after 2 month I am some better but it has been agony. Lipitor did the same thing. Why live if the quality is miserable. no more statins for me.


I've been on Simvastatin for several years no problems and its lowered my cholesterol levels..just my own experience


Read my post - 'Coming off Statins'


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