do i take my spray or not?

i have just had a stress test and have been told i will be having an angiogram meanwhile ive been given nitrolingual spray and told to take it for chest pain just rapid heavy pounding heart beat aching in jaws and back and feeling sick and weak do i take the spray when i dont have a lot of pain but do have other symptoms ive only just started being ill and i dont know much about it yet .


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5 Replies

  • Your doctor should advise how medication is taken

  • Take your spray when you get any pain, it can prevent you from having a heart attack, i would take it when you get any pain and see if the pain goes away, if not, then you don't need it for that particulate pain, if you do overdose on the spray you will get a massive headache, i always keep mine in my pocket, im sure its save me from many heart attacks.

  • Hi, i cant give you any medical advice but i can sympathise. I went to docs with shortness of breath and did stress test which lead to an angiogram, and i have never known whether to take my spray, i only have a few times as when anything happens i just rest. people always say to me if you are having an angina attack take it but i dont really know what one is...

    Good Luck

  • thank goodness for your reply i thought it was just me ,ive been resting and not taking the spray cause it says take when i have chest pain but i mainly have been having a fast thumping heart beat with shortness of breath and feeling very weak and sick i think im going to have to go to my doctor and ask a lot of questions so i know what to do then at least i wont get panicky which doesnt help at all i hope they send for me to go for the angiogram soon though , thanks for your reply

  • Hi, I am exactly in the same position as all of you but with the added complication of a hiatus hernia high in the chest. I never know if it is pain from the angina or the hernia and get very anxious. I haven't had the angiagram yet, it is the last test I am taking but if its ANYTHING like the stress test I am not looking forward to it. I was diagnosed with angina only recently, 17th Oct, what a shock! Thought it was hiatus hernia only but no, double wammy!.

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