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High cholesterol and other heart problems


For the people worried about high cholesterol please see the YouTube video by Dr Esselstyne and the website Forks over Knives

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drmalcolmkendrick.org/books... or these youtube.com/watch?v=N2EWZN8...

I agree, I have been following the Esselstyn recommendations for the last 3 years since my need for a heart bypass. I was on statins for 10 years previously and this didn't halt progression of heart disease. I have now come off statins for 6 months and am controlling my cholesterol by diet alone. Just had latest test and my TC is 4.86, HDL 2.6, LDL 1.9, Triglycerides 0.83 which I am pleased with. Esselstyn says if you maintain TC below 150 mg/dl which is 3.89, and LDL below 80mg/dl which is 2.07 this prevent the progression of heart disease.

Markl60 in reply to bobaxford

I doubt very much that your low LDL levels are halting your progression. Dont get me wrong I am a big fan of Esseltyn but I suspect his diet suggestions are doing the trick for you. His diet is low inflamatory and of course cuts out all the processed foods. If lowering cholesterol provided safety from heart disease we would see a direct colleration between these measurements ie cholesterol and HD and the fact is we don't.

Anne76 in reply to Markl60

Your input came at a time when I had just had a result for CRP, have not had this tested before. I came out as five which according to Patrick Holford is high. I have replied to bobaxford with my other test results, if you cannot see my reply to him I will write further. Can you tell me what you had tested in Portugal and given that I have had the main test plus CPR would I benefit from more results. Is it worth having the Homocysteine test given that I am doing all I can already. Am on holiday Saturday for three weeks so hope we can continue with the forum later.

Markl60 in reply to Anne76

Hi Anne

First of all I would say yes it is worth having the homocysteine test, for example my tests were all pretty good including CRP but when I had a Hcy test it came back at 22 which is very high. This could be because I eat a vegan type diet but with some fish. Thankfully it is easy to remedy with a B12 and folate supplement and sure enough it tumbled quickly to around 8. This is a list of the tests I have just had in Portugal

Fibrigonen 290 mgdl

APO A1 135 mgdl

APO B 89 mgdl

Homocysteine 1.27 mgL

Lp(a) 183.27 mgL

Mieloperoxidase (MPO) < 0.2

I had them done via artlabos in Tavira Algarve. This is a drop in clinic where they take a blood sample and have the results within a few days by email or drop back in. All the above cost me about £130 whereas in UK they would be around £600. If you need any help or advise on taking them let me know. You can get a flight from UK out of season for about £35 so you can see it does not make sense to have them in the UK.

Anne76 in reply to bobaxford

I have been waiting for the result of my full blood test before replying to you. Think we have both done well, my total cholesterol 3.9, HDL 1.72, LDL 1.8 Triglycerides 0.83. After reading the Patrick Halford book I asked my doctor to add C Reactive Protein to the test. I have come out as 5 which according to him 3 is high risk. By coincidence the comment by Mark160 says this is more important than the cholesterol reading. I have spent a lot of time trying to find out how to reduce this reading. I have to take more Tumeric and have Vitamin C and Vitamin E supplements together for a start. Interested to read what Mark had to say about having the testing done in Portugal. Although my doctor listed the Homocysteine test they did not do it saying it was not part of a cardiovascular disease risk assessment. Perhaps we can discuss this further with Mark at a later date. I am off on holiday Saturday for three weeks so will reply later, Have you had a CRP test? I would also be interest in what you eat, although I manage the diet quite well all the recipes online have an American edge, would like someone to do an English version.

bobaxford in reply to Anne76

Ann, your cholesterol numbers look very, very good. I have not looked at CRP before but have just received my private blood test Blue Horizon results which includes this and mine is less than 1.0 with the reference range 0.0 to 5.0.

To be honest I don't understand all the numbers I get from the private test, I have had 3 now and always my blood count WBC and RBC are low and also my vitamin D.

Not sure what you know about my history, I have posted many times, but I have been following a mostly plant based diet for the last 3 years but with regular fish, sardines every lunchtime and salmon one per week.

Paul12 in reply to bobaxford

You need the VAP test which includes homocysteine and VLDL and particles.

Anne76 in reply to Paul12

Hi Paul, just picked up your note re VAP test as I have been on holiday. Is it possible to have this test done on the NHS..?

Paul12 in reply to Anne76

No but it is available in the UK privately. The results will include a PLAC test too which is a key market. It's really up to you as it is expensive however it is the gold standards of tests! I have one done every six months - easily paid for by the money saved by giving up alcohol. As far as CRP - which is also in VAP - I know someone who got theirs down by following a vegan diet. Went from 7 to 3 in six months

Anne76 in reply to Paul12

Will look into this. My CRP is five after being on WFPB NO OIL Diet for 14 months. Have started taking vitamin C and E together which is supposed to help plus turmeric.

Paul12 in reply to Anne76

The key is to be below 10 so that's fine. It looks like you've researched Esselstyn!

Anne76 in reply to Paul12

He was the first, picked up his name through this forum. Now many more, Mcgregor, Ornish McDonald etc, hope they are all right about the reversal of CHD.Patrick Holford the only person in the UK advocating WFPB diet plus eating fish reckons CRP of five is high. Would like to know of a UK cardiologist advocating this way of eating. When I mentioned it to the cardiologist at my local hospital he told me to go home and eat some turkey.!!

Paul12 in reply to Anne76


Vegans tell me 10 is the inflammation marker...

As fas as books go on the WFPB main site every single book has severe limitations expressed by Amazon reviews ( though the majority are in favour) . Also the BHA say categorically that furring of arteries cannot be reversed. Esselstyn shows arteries are widened not unfurred but the effect is the same

Penel in reply to Anne76

CRP can be raised if you have any inflammatory conditions, arthritis, autoimmune problems. It does seem that wheat can also be a cause for some people (not gluten, but proteins called ATIs).

Yes yes yes!

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